Superintendent Certification





The superintendent certification program consists of five courses which are taught two the first semester of your program and three the second semester of your program. Each course provides 3 hours credit and consists of three hours of actual course work except the practicum course which consists of 160 clock hours with a person professionally certified as a superintendent in Texas. The specific practicum requirements are specifically enumerated in the program handbook which is attached to each class in the program.
The structure of this certification program allows students to complete certification requirements for a Texas Superintendent Certificate in two semesters and all course offerings are offered in an on-line format. There are no face-to-face classes.

The 15-hour Superintendent Certification program offers the academic preparation necessary to serve as a superintendent or central office administer in Texas.
The SBEC requirements for superintendent certification include:
• Full Principal or Midmanagement certification
• A minimum of three years teaching experience in a public or private accredited elementary and/or secondary school
• Have sufficient experience in an educational administrative setting sufficient to gain TEA approval to enter a Superintendent Certification Program and have the letter from TEA to that effect
• Pass the Superintendent TExES Exam (195)

Contact: Dr. Galen Privitt (903) 229-9529

2020-21 Superintendent Certification program course plan

Superintendent Certification - Program Handbook