Distance Education

Sul Ross State University's Alpine campus offers Distance Education courses in three formats: all web-based content, a hybrid of web-based content and face-to-face lectures, or face-to-face interactive television (itv) courses. Undergraduate courses are broadcast to classrooms at Midland College, San Antonio College, El Paso Community College, and Region 18 area high schools. Graduate Education Department courses are offered to specific Region 14 sites.

There are seven interactive television (itv) classrooms at Sul Ross's Alpine campus: ACR 204, ACR 206, MAB 205, MAB 308, WSB 101, WSB 107, and WSB 321. Technical support for the Distance Education equipment in the classrooms is provided by OIT staff.

To book a Distance Education classroom for use outside the published course schedule, contact the College of Arts and Sciences.

For facilitated conferencing outside of the Alpine campus, as well as additional information of intra-institutional programs, please contact Director Kendall Craig

The dual-credit courses to Region 18 area high schools are offered in the following rotation:

8am MWFEng 1301Eng 1302
9am MWFMath 1315Math 1342
11am MWPS 2305Eco 2305
8am TRHist 1301Hist 1302
11am TREng 2322Eng 2306