RGC Department of Education

The primary function of the Education Department within the philosophy of the University is to provide a teaching-learning environment wherein students acquire a liberal and professional education.  Realization of this function is sought by combining academic subject area courses, specialized studies, and professional education.  Students are provided opportunities to increase their knowledge, to gain insight into the growth of young children and adolescents, to develop competence in teaching, to formulate a sound philosophy of education, and to realize the need for continuous professional growth.


A student may choose a program that leads to teacher certification in the following areas:

EC-6 Generalist (Bilingual Supplemental optional)
4-8 Generalist, English Language Arts & Reading, Social Studies or Mathematics
7-12 English Language Arts & Reading, Social Studies, Science, History or Mathematics
EC-12 Spanish

Full program description and requirements can be found in the catalog.


Upon acceptance to the university, students will decide which program they plan to pursue and request an official degree plan. In addition to RGC departmental and program requirements, students seeking certification have additional requirements established by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Certification requires the successful completion of an accredited degree program, a clinical/student teaching experience and the completion of certification exams that correlate to the degree and teaching field. In addition to content exams, all students seeking Texas Certification are required to complete the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam which addresses grades EC-12.