Department of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

The department of business administration offers the bachelor of business administration degrees in general business.

The department also works with the department of education to offer course work leading to teacher certification.

See the BBA Frequently-Asked Questions and the course requirements for the major:

  • General Business
Master of Business Administration

The master of business administration degree is recognized by industry and government as one of the best credentials for success in management.

It is offered as a direct assistance to those who are interested in preparing themselves for positions of responsibility in management or who have attained a management position and are seeking to enhance their personal understanding of the latest concepts, tools and techniques of management and administration.

This graduate program will provide useful organizing and planning skills which are high in demand but in short supply. Today, policy determination and decision-making require sophisticated preparation at the graduate level. Sul Ross' MBA program recognizes the experience already achieved by its participants and provides a flexible method for self advancement.