Checklist For Certification PBICP

1.  Certification (deficiency plan) completed.

  •     Coursework is complete.
  •     Grades are posted.
  •     Transcripts/service record (if applicable) provided to SRSU-Education Certification office.
  1. ExCET/TExES certification exam(s) are completed as required.

3.  Application on file with the Texas Education Agency (TEA)

  •     Go to TEA website ( and use your Educator Logon.
  •     On Main Menu on the left side of the screen, choose APPLICATIONS, which has a drop-down selection list.  Choose STANDARD CERTIFICATE TEXAS PROGRAM.
  •     Follow instructions to APPLY.

NOTE: After the affidavit, you must indicate the “recommending entity”. Choose SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY – ALPINE – UNIVERSITY BASED.   The next line asks you what you are applying for.  Type in the name of the certificate you are seeking: i.e., History, English, Generalist EC-6 etc.

  • Certification fee paid.  The fee is $77 per application.  If you have not previously applied for certification (i.e., educational aide or probationary) you will be required to complete the fingerprint process.
  • If you have problems or questions about the online application, you may call TEA at #888-863-5880.


When your certificate is processed, you may view or print it on your secure TEA website.  If you request a paper copy of your certificate at the time you apply, you will receive an official certificate by mail in about 6-8 weeks after your certificate is processed.




Elbert Bassham, 432-837-8199  MAB 305