Checklist for Probationary Certification

Go to the TEA website (


  • On the right side of the menu you will see a link at the top of the page for Teacher Resources.  On the left side of the menu you will see a link for Educator Login/Account Set-up.  If you have never established an account with SBEC or TEA, take the NEW USER? CREATE ACCOUNT link and follow instructions.


  • When you have completed your account information, you will see a MAIN MENU on the left side of the screen.  Choose APPLICATIONS, which has a drop-down selection list.  Choose PROBATIONARY CERTIFICATE TEXAS PROGRAM.


  • Follow instructions to APPLY.  NOTE:  After the affidavit, you must indicate the “recommending entity”.  Choose Sul Ross State University – Alpine – Probationary.  The next line asks what you are applying for.  Type in the name of the certificate you are seeking; i.e., History, English, Generalist EC-6, etc.


  •  Certification fee.  The fee is now $52 per application.  You must pay by credit card as you apply. 

              If you have problems or questions about the application, please call SBEC at #888-863-5880.

When you have completed all three steps: Content (what you teach), PPR (how you teach), and Experience, you are ready for full State certification