Fall & Spring Residential Living Rates

Fall & Spring Rates

All housing applications must be accompanied with a non-refundable $50 application fee in order to be processed. A $200 housing deposit will also be added to students' account and should be paid by the 1st official day of classes. (Both the deposit and application fee are for new residents or a change of application type only.) The deposit can be paid by contacting the Cashier's Office. Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis referring to the date the application is fully submitted with payment.

Residence Hall Room Semester Rates Academic Year
Lobo Village Residence Halls - ***Fall 2021/Spring2022*** $2,969 $5,938
Fletcher Hall (double) - ***Fall 2021/Spring2022*** $1,664 $3,328

Lobo Village Residence Halls are equipped with basic living room and bedroom furniture, microwave, mini refrigerator and wireless internet service at no additional cost to each room.  All Lobo Village units are fully furnished and have central air/heating. Fletcher Residence Hall rooms are equipped with basic bedroom furniture (2 single beds, desk area, dresser, closet), air conditioning in each unit, and wireless internet service at no additional cost to each room.   

*All rates are final and have been approved by the TSUS Board of Regents. Students assigned to over assignment housing will be assigned to double rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor of Lobo Village 1 & 2 as dictated by space requirements. Once a vacant space is available students in over assignment housing will be required to move and vacate the overflow assigned space as directed by Residential Living. For more information regarding triples and our compensation plan related to triples, please see our our Information for New Residents web page.


Apartment Rates Monthly Rates *Semester Rates
Efficiency Apartments (single occupancy) - ***Fall 2021/Spring2022*** $705 $3,525 (5 months)
Lobo Pack Housing (2 bedrooms) - ***Fall 2021/Spring2022*** $858 $4,290 (5 months)

Residents must be enrolled full-time to live in efficiency apartments or Lobo Pack housing. Lobo Pack housing applicants must also meet the lease's guidelines for occupancy and provide copies of marriage license, birth certificates, guardianship paperwork, or government issued ID as required by Residential Living staff.  All efficiency and apartment rates include all utilities and wireless internet service. All units are equipped with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator. Lobo Pack Housing units come equipped with a washer/dryer combo.

*Semester rate for apartments & family housing are based on 5 full months each semester. Monthly rent is listed only for comparison purposes. Rent for the entire semester is added to the student's account at the beginning of each semester with the exception of the summer months of June and July, which are the only months that are billed on a monthly basis. New rent prices for a new semester go in effect each year on August 1.

**In the event a Lobo Pack unit is occupied by two occupants holding 2 separate leases, Residential Living will split the rent 50% on each occupant’s student account

Meal Plans 2021/2022 Semester Rates  
Platinum: 20 meals per week/$120 Lobo Bucks per semester $1,732  
Gold: 16 meals per week/$120 Lobo Bucks per semester $1,677  
Flex: 200 meals/$200 Lobo Bucks per semester $1,755  

All students living in the Residence Halls must enroll in a meal plan.

Lobo Bucks work like a bank debit card. Make a purchase at any dining location by swiping your student I.D. and the total is subtracted from the balance in your account.


Guest Housing for Commuting Students Cost Per Person Per Night
Lobo Village Residence Halls $30 per night per person

Guest housing is offered on a space available basis. Guests provide their own towels, sheets, soap, personal items, etc unless a linen package (sheet and towels only) is requested and approved in advance. Limited linen packages may be available at $10 per person per stay. Reservations for guest housing and questions can be made by calling (432) 837-8190 or emailing reslife@sulross.edu. Guest housing can be paid for with a credit card at the Sul Ross State Marketplace.