Payment Information


All housing charges will be posted to your Banner account, along with any fees, tuition, etc. Your rent includes all of our utilities and amenities. Please check with the Center for Enrollment Services to see if any of your financial aid award will cover housing costs.

Payment by Credit Card

The $50 housing application fee can be paid by credit card when applying for housing. This application fee must be paid before your application can be processed.  The $200 deposit will be charged on your student account at the beginning of your first semester and can be paid through financial aid, on a payment plan, or made with a one-time payment. 


All rent will be charged up front on the resident's account at the beginning of each semester.  Semester rates are based on 5 full months in both the fall and spring. Summer rent will be charged on a month-by-month basis. Fall rental rates are effective August 1st.

Residence Halls

All single residence halls that are to be rented by the semester may have the benefit of payment options as follows: During the fall and spring semesters, Sul Ross State University will offer payment options for tuition, mandatory fees, and room and/or board. These payment options will be identified at registration. Optional fees and deposits are due and payable at the time the services are rendered or contracted. To qualify for any installment plan, a student must first apply all university awards, scholarships, loans (university, state or federal), and grants (university, state or federal) to the total amount due to the university. The university will apply these monies first to optional fees, second to tuition and mandatory fees, and third to rent and room and/or board.