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Welcome to Web Registration via LoboOnLine!

In LoboOnLine you can register for classes, view your grades and academic record, view your student account, and your biographical and address information. While using LoboOnLine you agree to comply with SRSU Internet Policies. The following are ethical violations that can be reported and your access denied and result in disciplinary action:

  • Steal passwords or log onto someone else's account
  • Attempt to gain access to computing resources for which you are not authorized or via means that are not authorized
  • Give others access (via passwords or other means) to computing resources to which they are not entitled
  • Gain privileges or resources beyond your authorized limits
  • Attempt to crash a system or exploit weaknesses in security

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Web Registration

Web registration in LoboOnLine (Banner Self Service) may be accessed directly through your Internet connection from any computer, both on or off campus. LoboOnLine works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. If web registration does not work with your browser, or you do not have Internet access, please use one of the Computer labs or Campus Kiosks located on campus.

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Login to LoboOnLine

To access LoboOnLine, select the link under the "Quick Links" tab on the Sul Ross home page. At the Secure Access Login prompt, enter your User ID (A number) and PIN.  See the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Online Accounts page for more information on LoboOnLine accounts.  You may be prompted to change this PIN periodically. LoboOnLine will not accept a Social Security number as a login.

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Once you have entered LoboOnLine, which is specific to your role as a student, select the Student tab and then select Registration. From the Registration Menu, you may select one of the eleven options described in Table 1 below: (These screens or the options contained within them may not be available at all times. You will not be able to register for classes until the registration, schedule adjustment, or add/drop period begins.)

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Table 1 Registration Options and Definitions

Option Definition
Select Term You Want Select the semester for which you want to register.
Check Your Registration Status Displays the various items that may affect registration (e.g. holds, hours earned, major, etc.).
Look-up Classes in Schedule Search the schedule by specific criteria. Provides check boxes to mark course selection(s) during registration periods.
Register Add or Drop Classes Register for courses or change your schedule. Includes links to change class options (i.e. credit hours or select pass/fail).
Class Schedule Way to search the current College schedule of classes. This search includes links that provide additional information such as descriptions, special fees, registration restrictions, and pre-requisites.
Your Week at a Glance View your schedule for the selected semester according to the day of the week. It is provided in an agenda format for all courses with specified days and times. Courses that have times and/or days that are TBA are listed at the bottom.
Student Detail Schedule View your schedule for the selected semester w/instructor, grade mode, status, credit hours, etc.
Registration Fee Assessment View your charges for the selected semester.
Withdrawal Information View your withdrawal status if you have withdrawn from classes for a term.
Registration History View registration for current and past semesters. Past semesters are summer 2003 and forward.

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Selecting a Term

In order to register or register, add, or drop classes, you must select the term for which you are registering. (You will also be prompted to enter a term when you select Register Add or Drop Courses.)

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Select the function Register Add or Drop Courses from the Registration Menu

This option takes you to the add/drop worksheet where you can enter the CRN(s) for courses you wish to take. ***You should always choose your courses with the assistance of your academic advisor. Before you begin, we suggest that you prepare a list of the Course Reference Numbers (CRN) for the courses in which you plan to enroll. The CRN is the first number listed in the schedule of classes, and is the number you will enter on the Add/Drop worksheet to register for classes. Each course section has one CRN.  Undergraduates are required to see an advisor to register.  To determine who you must see for advising, view your holds on LoboOnLine.  If you have a "Must See Lobo Den Advisor" registration hold, contact the Lobo Den for advising.  If you have a "Must See Major Advisor" hold, contact your major department for advising.

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Look Up Classes to Add

If you need to search for a specific course or courses to add, you can search the schedule on the web by subject, course number, title, part of term, schedule type, campus, instructor, or time/day. You can search for classes for an upcoming registration by using the Look Up Classes to Add menu option. In order to perform a class search in either Look-up Classes to Add or Class Schedule, you must choose at least one subject. If you want all courses with a particular attribute (Weekend Format, for example), but don't want to specify a subject, you can highlight all the subjects by using the shift key, and the arrow down button to highlight the entire subject list. After you have identified the criteria for your search, select the Class Search button at the bottom of the screen to submit your search. When you perform a Class Search, a list of courses that meet your criteria will display. When registration is available, the first column is a Select box that will allow you to place a check by those courses you wish to add. If there is no box, registration is not open. If there is a letter C in the first column, the course is closed and cannot be added to your schedule. The following 19 columns provide information about the course to include CRN, Subject, Course Number, Section, Campus, Credits, Title, Days, Time, and Location, and Attributes. The column titled CAP refers to the maximum capacity for a class. This number is determined by the department. The column titled ACT refers to the actual number of students currently enrolled in the course. The column titled REM refers to the number of remaining open seats in a class. The columns titled XL CAP, XL ACT, and XL REM refer to a course or courses that are cross listed with the course in your search. Notice the column titled ATTRIBUTE. This is where you will see if a course meets a Core Curriculum or other degree requirement, has additional fees, requires instructor permission, or is exempt from the 3-repeat rule. From the class search results page, you can register for classes, return and perform a new search, or go back to the Add/Drop Worksheet page by selecting one of the buttons beneath the course listing.

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Registering or Adding Courses

If you have completed a class search, you can put a check in the box to the left of the course and select Register in order to add the course to your schedule. If you know the CRNs for the courses you want, you do not need to do a class search. Enter the five digit CRN for the course(s) you want to take on the Add/Drop Classes worksheet. Use the tab key to move from one CRN space to another. Enter numbers carefully and confirm your entries. A reversal or other error in the entry of the numbers will register you for the wrong course. It is your responsibility to check the current schedule section of the add/drop worksheet to ensure you are in the correct classes. If you want to change your schedule prior to submitting it, select Reset. Confirm your schedule after you have submitted all of your course selections. When you select Submit Changes, you are registered. (You will see the course status "Web Registered" next to the course[s].) You will NOT receive an additional confirmation. If a course is incorrect or there is a registration error, return to the Register Add or Drop Courses screen and change your registration through the Action block. Errors in registration will result in error messages. In some instances you can correct the error and still add the course. For a complete explanation of the possible errors and the corrective actions, see Table 2 below.

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Table 2 - Registration Errors

Error Message Explanation Action to Correct Error
You are not permitted to register at this time The term that you have selected is not available for registration at this time. Confirm that you have selected the correct term and that registration is open for that term and for your priority registration group.
Closed Section Course has reached enrollment limit Select another course or section or check with the instructor for a MAXIMUM CAPACITY override. If granted an override, you must add the course through the Center for Enrollment Services.
Time Conflict The meeting time of the course you selected overlaps with another class selected Select another course or section; if both instructors approve, you must go to the Center for Enrollment Services to make the override.
Prerequisite/Test Score You have not met the prerequisite established for the course Select another course or secure an INSTRUCTOR override. If granted an override, you must add the course through the Center for Enrollment Services.
Level Restriction You do not have the correct level required for taking the course (i.e. undergraduate attempting to register for a graduate level course). Select another course appropriate to your enrollment level
Co-Requisite The course requested requires enrollment in another specified course and/or section during the same semester Select the indicated required course and enter both the course you originally attempted to register for AND the co-requisite course. You MUST list both courses in the CRN blocks before you select SUBMIT or the system will continue to give you an error
Course Link The course requested requires enrollment in another specified course and/ or section. You can see the required link in the details for the course Select the indicated required course and enter both the course you originally attempted to register for AND the linked course. You MUST list both courses in the CRN blocks before you select SUBMIT or the system will continue to give you an error
Major Restriction Enrollment in course is limited to specified Major Select another course or contact the instructor for an INSTRUCTOR override. If granted an override, it must added by the Center for Enrollment Services staff.
Class Restriction The course requested is restricted to student academic classification (based on earned hours) such as Freshman, Sophomore, etc Select another course, or speak to the instructor about an override. If granted an override, the Center for Enrollment Services must add the course.
Permission of Instructor Required The course instructor must approve your enrollment in the course Contact instructor. If granted approval you will be given an INSTRUCTOR override. If granted an override, you must add the course.
Duplicate Course You have already registered for this course/section Drop the course from your schedule, then attempt to re-add.
Repeat Count Exceeds 0 You have registered for a course that is not repeatable, and already exists on your record Select another course.
CRN does not exist The five digit CRN you entered is not recognized by the system Check the schedule to get the correct CRN and be sure to enter it correctly

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Registration Overrides

Instructor Override: Overrides Links, Co-requisites, Pre-requisites, Special Approval, Major, College, Level, Class, Degree, and Program restrictions. It does not give the student permission to enter a closed course. At present, these overrides must be performed by the Center for Enrollment Services.

Maximum Capacity Override: ONLY overrides the maximum capacity of a course, or closed course. Notes: Overrides are only valid during the add/drop period. They do not allow you to add after the add/drop period has ended. If you know course requires Instructor Permission obtain a writtten override before your registration and submit it to the Center for Enrollment Services. If you need permission to enter a course that requires instructor permission, AND the course is closed, you will need a written authorization from the department Chair. If granted, you will need to contact the Center for Enrollment Services office. Overrides DO NOT Register you for the class. Instructors DO NOT have the ability to register you for a class. It is YOUR responsibility to add the class after you have received the override.

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Dropping Courses

If you wish to drop an existing course from your schedule, you must use the Action drop down box just left of the CRN for the course you wish to drop. Select Web Dropped and then Submit changes. The course is dropped from your schedule. You will no longer see it in the Current Schedule Section of the Add/Drop worksheet. This funtion is not available after late registration ends. After late registration ends, all drops must be processed through the Center for Enrollment Services using a drop/add form or via the web.

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When You MUST Visit the Center for Enrollment Services

The following registration conditions require you to complete the registration manually in the Center for Enrollment Services.

  • Select No Grade Status - You may not select No grade as a course option via Banner Student Self Service. To use the No grade option for a course, undergraduate and graduate students must complete the NO GRADE form.
  • Take course at different level than that indicated on the course

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If you have a hold on your record, you will NOT be allowed to register or make adjustments to your schedule until the hold is removed. If you have a hold, you must contact the office that placed the hold on your account, and meet the conditions of the hold. For some offices the removal of holds is an overnight process. Please allow sufficient time for your hold to be removed before your registration period begins. After you have met the conditions of the hold, the hold will be removed, and you will be eligible to register. You can view your holds by selecting the View Holds on Your Records link at the top of the Student Records page under the Student tab. You can also view this information from the Registration Menu if you select Check Your registration Status.

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Viewing your Schedule

While you can view the courses for which you are currently registered in the Current Schedule section of the Add/Drop Worksheet, you will not be able to access the Worksheet when the registration window has passed. You can still view your schedule by going to the Registration Menu. Select Your Week at a Glance or Student Detail Schedule. Each of these options is described in more detail in Table 1 above. Both will show your schedule in different formats. In addition you can view your schedule from the Academic Transcript under the Courses in Progress section.

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Section Designations

When viewing your schedule, you will see the course title, as well as the subject, number, and section designations.  Below is a list of section designations and what they will tell you about the course.

Section Designation What it Means
001 - 100 Traditional face-to-face instruction
A0# Education Internships; developmental linked co-requisites
ABI Traditional face-to-face instruction in Abilene, reserved for the Region 14 Cohort
AHS Reserved for Alpine HS dual credit (taught on the Alpine High School campus)
ALP/AL# Reserved for Alpine HS dual credit (taught on the Sul Ross campus)
B0# Education internships; developmental linked co-requisites
C0# Education internships;developmental linked co-requisites
D0# Developmental linked co-requisites
DEL Reserved for DeLeon High School dual credit
DLB Reserved for DeLeon High School dual credit
FTD Reserved for Fort Davis High School dual credit
HF1 Reserved for High Frontier dual credit
L01 - L10 Lab section
LAL Lab section reserved for Alpine High School dual credit
LMC Lab section reserved for the Midland College Science Initiative cohort
MC1 - MC9 Lecture section reserved for the Midland College Science Initiative cohort
MF# Reserved for Marble Falls High School dual credit
R12 Reserved for Region 12 students
S01 - S10 Traditional face-to-face instruction, summer II
SSS Reserved for SSS participants
SW1 - SW9 Web delivered via Blackboard, summer II
VAL Reserved for Valentine ISD dual credit
W01 - W09 Web delivered via Blackboard
W11 Weekend Format 1 (meets 1st, 4th, and 7th weekends of the term excluding holiday weekends - see class schedule for exact dates)
W21 Weekend Format 2 (meets 2nd, 5th, and 8th weekends of the term excluding holiday weekends - see class schedule for exact dates)
W31 Weekend Format 3 (meets 3rd, 6th, and 9th weekends of the term excluding holiday weekends - see class schedule for exact dates)
WAB Web delivered section reserved for the Region 14 cohort
W1A, W2A, W3A Weekend Format reserved for the Region 14 cohort
WBX WebX delivered section (delivered synchronously via the web)
WMC Web delivered reserved for SRSU@MC students
WMD Web delivered section reserved for the Maryland cohort

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Glossary of Terms

Course Attribute: A tag placed on a course that describes it in some way. The most common use so far is to identify those courses carrying a CORE for undergraduate core curriculum courses. You will see more attributes attached to courses as we move forward with Banner and its degree audit system.

CRN (Course Reference Number): Each section in the course schedule has a unique number attached to it. It is the first column you see when you do a course search. This number can be entered into the add/drop worksheet in order to register for that section.

Grade Mode: The way in which a course is graded. The most common grade modes are standard grade (Letter grade from A to F) and CR/PR (either a CR for credit or an PR for progress is assigned)

Hold: An administrative "hold" on your student record that can prevent registration, receipt of transcripts, etc. The most common holds are for overdue student accounts, parking fines, library fines, etc. You can also have a hold for academic issues with the Dean of Students Office and for not seeing your advisor. If you have a hold that prevents registration, you must contact the office that placed the hold and take care of the issue before you can register.

Level: Indicates the level of the student and the level of coursework. At Sul Ross we have the following levels: Undergraduate (UG), Graduate (GD), and Postbachelaureate (PB).

Part of Term: A set of dates within the larger semester. Most courses taught in Alpine will be in Part of term 1, while RGC courses will be in Part of term 2.

Registered: Course status that indicates someone administratively registered you for a course, such as the Center for Enrollment Services.

Submit Changes: Button you will select on the Add/Drop worksheet when you want to add a course. You will also select this button after you have selected the Web Drop function in order to drop a course.

Web Drop: Shows up in a drop down box next to a course you have already registered for. If you wish to drop the course, you must select Web Drop and then select Submit Changes.

Web Registered: Course status that indicates you successfully registered yourself for a course over the web. You will see this status next to the course on the Add/Drop Worksheet.

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