How To Apply for Aid

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Students should apply for financial aid on or after January 1 of the year they plan to attend college.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

To apply for financial aid at Sul Ross State University, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically. There is no charge for processing the FAFSA. It is free. Some students will not have to complete an entire FAFSA, but may use a Renewal FAFSA, preprinted with last year's data, and simply change or add information as needed. The Central Processing Center will mail Renewal FAFSAs to students who applied for federal student aid in the previous year. FAFSA on the web is a free U.S. Department of Education web site where applicants may complete a FAFSA online and submit it via the Internet. The Internet address is
This 6 minute video contains helpful information for parents of FAFSA applicants. It helps parents navigate the FAFSA process: from logging in, to filling out and to signing their child's FAFSA using their FSA ID

Financial Aid Review and Award

After the electronic data is received and the applicant completes admission requirements to the university, the Financial Aid Office will:
  • Review the data for completion and data integrity
  • Request additional documents and/or missing information if necessary.
  • Evaluate and verify reasonable academic progress
  • Determine your Cost of Attendance (COA) budget
  • Make an award package based on your academic and financial eligibility and the availability of aid funds.

An award letter, detailing how much and what type of aid is offered, will be sent as soon as your financial aid is packaged. The amount of financial aid a student receives is determined by the college or university in which he or she is enrolled. Therefore, a student who changes his or her college or university must apply at the new college or university to have his or her eligibility for financial aid determined. Students cannot receive assistance from Sul Ross to attend another school. In addition, a student who is co-enrolled cannot receive aid at both institutions. Applying for and receiving financial aid may seem time consuming and complicated. The Center for Enrollment Services encourages students to seek assistance in this process if needed and staff are trained to answer many questions about the process. In addition, every student has an assigned Financial Aid Specialist to discuss financial aid issues. Contact the Center for Enrollment Services either via e-mail at or call (432) 837-8050 to schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Specialist.