A Guide to Placement in Developmental Education Courses

ACE classes are designed to offer students opportunities to learn skills necessary to be successful in university classes. The table below will explain how a student’s assessment examination scores are used to determine which developmental education course(s) the student will be required to take. Students who have successfully completed ED 0300, ENG 0300, MATH 0300, or MATH 0301 may repeat the class if doing so will help them feel better prepared for their other university classes.
Course Placement Test Placement Score
MATH 0300 ACCUPLACER (Elem. Algebra) 41 or below
  ASSET 24 or below
  COMPASS (Algebra Test) 25 or below
  THEA 219 or below
MATH 0301 ACCUPLACER (Elem. Algebra) 42-62
  ASSET 25-37
  COMPASS (Algebra Test) 26-38
  THEA 220-229
ED 0300 ACCUPLACER 77 or below
  ASSET 40 or below
  COMPASS 80 or below
  THEA 229 or below
Writing (Please Note: An essay score of 4 or below automatically places a student in ENG 0300. If a student has an essay score of 5 then the objective score determines placement.)

Objective Score/Essay Score

ENG 0300 ACCUPLACER 79 or below/5
  ASSET 39 or below/5
  COMPASS 58 or below/5
  THEA 219 or below/5

  As determined by a TSI advisor, the student must participate in developmental education activities for each area of TSI that the student is out of compliance (mathematics, reading, and/or writing) during each semester the student is enrolled. During the student’s first semester only and with advisor approval, the following exceptions are possible:

1. A student who does not meet passing standards in all three areas will only have to register for Developmental Reading and Developmental Writing;

2. A student who does not meet passing standards in two areas must register for at least one developmental education course. If one of those courses is Developmental Reading, then they must register for Developmental Reading.

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