Tuition & Fees

Students who have not paid the required tuition and fees, or made confirmed arrangements through Financial Aid, by the fourth class day in summer terms or the 12th class day in the fall will be dropped from all classes. Efforts will be made to notify students by campus e-mail and phone if they are scheduled to be dropped. In order to be reinstated back into class an additional $100 reinstatement fee must be paid. Anyone who has not resolved tuition and fee payment by the 10th class day in summer terms or the 20th class day in the fall will not be allowed to be reinstated in class. See Tuition & Fee Payment for related information.

Tuition & Fee Tables

The Cashier's Office maintains links to current tuition and fee tables.


For explanations of the fees charged charged at registration, see the Tuition and Fees section of the college catalog. This section includes a list of other mandatory fees, including lab, distance learning and student teaching fees; and optional fees such as graduation fees, post office box rentals and musical instrument rentals.