Frequently-Asked Questions

frequently-asked questionsHow soon should I apply to Sul Ross?
A prospective student should apply to Sul Ross at least a month before the semester begins. International students should apply at least four months from the anticipated start semester. It is best to apply early, with plenty of time before the semester begins, so the admission application can be processed along with housing, financial aid and scholarship applications. All admissions documents for international students must be on file at least one month prior to starting classes at SRSU.
I'm a high school senior and am about to apply, but I haven't taken placement exams? How do I find out when and where to take the test?
You may be exempt from placement exams based on TAKS, SAT, ACT, or STAAR test scores. Check with undergraduate admissions at (432) 837-8050. Testing Services at Sul Ross administers TSIA and alternative tests. It has information about the test and the Texas Success Initiative, including test dates. Students from outside of West Texas may check with their local college or university or with their high-school counselor for assistance. Because TSI is a state requirement, the test is not offered outside of Texas. Placement exams are also offered during orientation. **UPDATE: New Texas Legislature requires that all placement exam scores must be on file in the Admissions Office before August 28th. Any student who does not submit test scores before that date may be required to take the new placement exam, TSIA, before he or she can register for classes.
I completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited university in another state and plan to apply to Sul Ross for a master's degree. Do I need to take the TSIA?
I don't know what I want to major in. Should I wait to apply or register until I'm sure?
An undergraduate may enter the university as an undecided major and take core courses to start with. Because a student's major will determine what upper-level courses are required and which electives are recommended, choosing a major will become increasingly important in selecting courses and the sequence in which they are taken. Students must declare a major and file a degree plan within the first 45 hours of university credit.
I'm trying to decide between two majors. Is there anyone I can talk to for assistance?
Yes, you can talk with an advisor in the Lobo Den. Contact them at or 432-837-8982 for assistance.

Do I need to attend orientation?

Incoming undergraduate students, whether new freshmen or transfer students, are required to attend orientation. A student must be admitted to the university before registering for orientation. See the Orientation page for available dates and registration information.
Do I need to go through advising before registration? If so, how do I find my advisor?
Yes. All new students are advised through the Lobo Den before registration. Please contact them at or call 432-837-8982 for assistance.
Will I complete a degree plan at the time of orientation or advising, or do I need to do this separately?
You will do this at the time of orientation or advising if you know the major you intend to pursue. If you are undecided, a degree plan will not be established until you select a major.
When should I register for classes?
Registration dates are posted online as they become available. Students may proceed with advising and registration during the appropriate dates once they are admitted to Sul Ross. Students who attend orientation will register at that time.
I need LoboOnLine access information to register online. Can you e-mail it to me?
Due to security considerations, Sul Ross will never e-mail passwords for LoboOnLine, Blackboard, e-mail or other systems to anyone. For tech support numbers and access instructions, see the New Student Tech Tips.
When do I pay tuition and fees?
Students registering through LoboOnLine may pay online at that time or they may choose to print a bill and pay by mail or in the cashier's office. If payment is not made before the first day of class, a late fee will be charged, and continued non-payment may result in a student being dropped from all classes and being charged a penalty fee. For late registration, payment is due at the time of registration. Sul Ross offers an installment payment plan. See the Payment Information for payment details.
When should I apply for housing?
Residential Living currently accepts applications from students who have not yet been admitted but does not process an application until after admission is confirmed. However, a student should not wait until immediately before the beginning of a term to apply for housing. An application submitted at least two to three months prior to the beginning of a term is preferable.
When should I apply for financial aid?
Students should apply for financial aid on or after Jan. 1 of the year they plan to attend college. Financial aid awards are not made until after a student completes admission requirements. For details, see Financial Aid's How to Apply information.
What types of financial aid are available?
The three main types of aid are grants, loans and work study programs. See Types of Financial Aid for a list.
When should I apply for a Sul Ross scholarship?
The best time to apply for a scholarship is normally between Jan. 1 and March 1 for the following academic year. The primary scholarship application deadline is in mid-March. Additional awards may be at other times of the year. Visit the Scholarships page for more and check with Financial Aid to confirm deadlines for specific scholarships.
When and where do I get my student ID and parking permit?
When you register for classes. If you register online you will need to go the University Department of Public Safety to get your ID and parking permit. If you register during orientation your ID will be made and parking permits issued at that time.
I'm a distance education student who isn't taking any courses on campus. Do I need a student ID card and parking permit?
You will only need an ID if you plan to use any campus facilities. No parking permit is required.
Are charges for student ID and parking included with my bill for tuition and fees?
Yes, if your register at orientation. Otherwise the fees will be charged separately.