Faculty Seminar

The best way to model behavior for our students and colleagues is by demonstrating our own capacity as learners. The Faculty Seminar is composed of 10-15 volunteers who serve one-year terms. Deans from Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Arts and Sciences, and Professional Studies solicit 10% participation from their respective schools, along with a representative from Student Life. Participants share responsibility for the seminar through:

  • Designing their own program of study
  • Creating new assessment tools
  • Determining subjects for seminars
  • Sharing research information

This interdisciplinary group uses the familiar seminar format to design or redesign courses, course assignments, and student assessment. The faculty seminar also periodically provides information to part-time faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and the faculty at large.  

Date Presenter & Topic
September 6   Introduction- "Icebreakers" 
September 20   SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report & Quality Enhancement Plan 
October 4  Self-efficacy in a Natural Resource Field Studies Course
October 18   Intro to Field Studies Course
November 1   Outdoor Activities with the Hill Club and the Big Bend Trail's Alliance; and "The Desk"
November 15   Improvisation