Developmental Education FAQs

Q. What is the Texas Success Initiative?

A. The Texas Success Initiative, or TSI, was established in 2003 by the Texas State Legislature to insure that students are prepared to be successful in their college level coursework. Each post-secondary institution must assess all students entering their institution to determine college readiness. All students must be assessed in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Q. How does SRSU determine college readiness?

A. Determination of a student’s TSI status is dependent upon whether a student is a first-time student (a freshman) or a transfer student. Assessments for first time students are done in one of two ways. If a first-time student's SAT, ACT, or TAKS scores are above the standard set by the state, then the student is exempt from further assessment may enroll in coursework approved by his/her advisor. If the student is not TSI exempt, then the student must take one of the state approved assessment examinations or present scores from one of the assessments. Transfer students should present evidence of success in college-level work for each of the three areas: reading, writing and mathematics. If a student has earned college-level credit (with a minimum grade of "C") in designated courses that relate to one of these areas, then no further assessment is required and the student is TSI clear. Otherwise, each transfer student must take one of the state approved assessment examinations or present scores from one of the assessments.

Q. What are the approved assessment examinations?

A. 2013 is a transition year. Until August 1, 2013, the state has designated four tests that students may take to prove their college readiness. These four assessment  examinations are the THEA, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, and ASSET. SRSU administers the COMPASS and the THEA. Please consult Career Services and Testing (432-837-8178) for times, dates, and costs.  Students are encouraged to take the COMPASS for TSI and placement purposes.

After August 1, 2013, the new TSI Assessment goes into effect. Please come back to our website soon for more information.

Q. What are minimum passing scores on the state approved assessment examinations?

A. The chart below shares the scores needed in each discipline area in order to clear TSI.

Assessment Exam



Writing: Essay

Writing: Objective


Elem. Algebra – 63





Elem. Algebra – 38





Algebra – 39









Note:  A passing score on the Writing section is achieved by earning either
           (1) a score of “6” or higher on the Writing: Essay section OR
           (2) a score of “5” on the Writing: Essay section with a passing score on the Writing: Objective

Q. I met or exceeded the minimum passing scores, now what?

A. You should seek advisement within the department of your major.

Q. What if I plan to become a teacher? Does that change any of my TSI requirements?

A. Yes, it does. If you plan to become a teacher you must obtain a higher score on the THEA Reading section. Please consult an
advisor in the Education Department at 432-837-8170 for more details.

Q.  Do I have to take a Developmental Education course every semester I am enrolled?

A.  As long as you have a developmental education requirement, you must be enrolled in a developmental education course each semester. The exemption to this rule is during the mid-winter session when developmental education courses are not offered. Also, while developmental education courses are offered during the summer, they do not always have enough students enrolled in them to justify keeping the course open. In that specific case (and with the permission of a TSI advisor), the student does not have to register for a summer developmental education course.
Q.  What if I have more questions about the Texas Success Initiative?
A.  You should visit with a TSI advisor in Lobo Den, Lawrence Hall 102, or call 432-837-8982. You may also contact the Director of ACE, Dr. Kathy Stein at 432-837-8408.