Meeting and Event Services

Requesting Use of Facilities

The Campus Activities Office coordinates the use of all university facilities including classrooms, Kokernot Lodge, the parking lots and most other SRSU facilities. Individuals and organizations on or off campus may request to use these facilities.

  1. Before submitting a Facilities Use Request Form  form check availability of the space by calling (432) 837-8191, or emailing .
  2. The person listed as “Requestor” on the form should be well informed about the meeting or event and able to answer questions regarding the event. Campus Activities considers the requestor to be the event planner for the requested meeting or event.
  3. Please include as much information about your needs in the “request for equipment or special needs section of the form” and do not assume we have information on file unless you have verified that with Campus Activities in advance.
  4. Off-campus clients are required to submit an Sul Ross State University Facility Agreement Form along with their Facilites Use Request Form. Off-campus clients are defined as any group or organization using University Facilities for purposes not affiliated with the University. On-Campus requests must be submitted on behalf of a University Department by a full time University employee.
  5. Campus Activities would like to receive Facilities Use Request Forms at least 5 days before your event or meeting. If you need space for an annual event it is highly advisable to submit requests as much as a year or more in advance. Some request will be held as tentative until academic and athletic calendars are finalized to avoid booking conflicts.
  6. If your event is being held in the University Center or Marshall Auditorium it is advisable to set up a meeting with Candes Ramon so that we can create set-up diagrams and go over the set-up details of your event.
  7. There is more detailed information regarding specific meeting rooms and facilities below under Venues and Facilities.

Instructions for Facilities Use Form and Electronic Submission

The Facilities Use Request form is set-up to allow clients to fill it out on a computer. Open the form below using Adobe Reader and type the needed information in each field. When you are finished, double check that all information is complete and correct. Once you are satisfied that all information is correct please print the form and return it to Campus Activities by mail or other appropriate methods.

Food and Catering at Your Event

As the contracted food service provider, ARAMARK has exclusive rights to provide food and refreshment items on campus, with the sole exception being Kokernot Lodge. Arrangements for meals or refreshments may be made through ARAMARK Director at (432) 837-8670. A catering deposit payable to ARAMARK will be required at the time the order is confirmed.

ARAMARK will provide tablecloths for buffets and banquets. Tablecloths for other purposes can also be arranged with ARAMARK for a per-table charge.


Meeting Rooms: Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all facilities have a revised max space occupancy. 

  • Morgan university Center
    • University Center Room 202 (seating capacity 12-18) Social Distance max. space occupancy (4-6 people)
    • University Center Room 210 (seating capacity 20) Social Distance max. space occupancy (7 people)
    • University Center Espino Conference Center (seating capacity 30-280). Social Distance Max. space occupancy (40 people). Please email Candes Ramon at, for more information. 
  • Gallego Center Room 129 (Banquet set-up: 16people), (Classroom set-up:20 people), and (Theatre set-up: 21 people)
  • Gallego Center Green Room: 4-5 people;
  • Marshall Auditorium: 98 people
  • Standard Classrooms: 15 people, depending what classroom
  • Special Use Classrooms: Examples such as LH 300 and LH 309: 27-28 people

Banquets, Family Reunions, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, etc...

  • Kokernot Lodge - 20-25 people (inside) 55 people outside, total for inside and outside max. space occupancy is 80 people. 
  • Morgan University Center - During normal semester without threat of COVID-19: 
  • Gallego Center Room 129 - depends on set-up

Concerts, Entertainment, and Large Meetings

Outdoor Facilities

  • University Mall
  • Poets Grove
  • Kokernot Outdoor Theatre
  • Outdoor classroom - Behind Morelock Administration Building. (8 people during COVID-19 outbreak)
  • S.A.L.E. Arena
  • Outdoor Arena
  • ZUZU Verk Amphitheatre - (35 people sitting on the steps during COVID-19; the whole space standing and sitting: about 70 people) 

Sporting Events and Recreation

  • Graves Pierce Gym
  • Jackson Field
  • Kokernot Field
  • Lobo Softball Field
  • Lobo Soccer Field
  • Recreational Intramural Field
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Track Field

Additional Resources and Information