First Things First! The PACT Exam

Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT)


Significant changes to Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 227.10 (a)(3)(C) were approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) on October 10, 2008.  The new rule, which went into effect on December 14, 2008, allows degreed individuals who have not been enrolled in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) to take Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT) to demonstrate content proficiency for possible admission into an EPP.  Taking PACT does not ensure admittance into a program. EPPs may have additional admission requirements. 


If You Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University

  • You do not need EPP approval to register and take a content exam.
  • PACT participants cannot register to take Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) examinations without EPP approval.  Your EPP must upload approval to test in the TEA approval system before you will be able to register for PPR examinations.


If You Are a College/University Undergraduate and Are Seeking Initial Teacher Certification

  • You must be approved by your EPP for content area and PPR examinations.  Your EPP will upload approval into the TEA test approval system.  EPP approval must be given prior to registering for any certification examinations.


If You Are Seeking a Certification Other Than Classroom Teacher

  • If you are in a program seeking a certification other than classroom teacher – Educational Diagnostician, Health Science Technology, Marketing, Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, School Librarian, Superintendent and all of the Master Teacher certifications – you must have test approval from your EPP.


Out-of-State / Out-of-Country Certified Applicants

  • If you hold acceptable teaching credentials in another state, U.S. territory, or country, you must have your credentials reviewed by TEA prior to registering for tests.  Following a review of credentials, you will be informed of the required examinations for the certification areas you are seeking.


Registering for PACT

  • You can register for PACT on the ETS TExES website at
  • Click on “Register” at the top of the page
  • Select “Online Registration for New Users” and read through the explanation.
  • After you have read the explanation, click on “New User” at the bottom of the page
  • Select “no TEA ID” if you do not have an existing Educator Profile in the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) system.
  • Confirm your registration as a PACT participant by selecting “Pre-admission content     tests (PACT)
  • Enter personal information for a testing account to be created in the ETS TExES system as well as the SBEC system.  Certify graduation from and accredited university.  (See the link provided if you are unsure of your college or university’s accreditation.)
  • Enter the requested supplemental information on the screen that follows.
  • Create a username and password and enter a password reminder that can be used by a customer service representative if you forget your password.
  • Because you are a PACT candidate, you do not need to create an Educator Profile on the SBEC website in order to register for a test.  The ETS online registration system will transfer the date you enter to the SBEC system and give you a TEA ID number.  Be sure to make a note of your TEA ID and Username.
  • Select “Register for a test” if you are ready to do so.


Test Day Policies and Procedures

  • Before the day of the test, you should read and be familiar with all policies and procedures in the Registration Bulletin for the test you are planning to take.  Registration Bulletins can be downloaded from the ETS TExES website at
  • You must bring your admission ticket and acceptable identification documents with you to the test center.  Details about acceptable identification documents are in the Registration Bulletin and on the website.  NOTE:  Without the required identification documents, you will not be admitted to the test center and no refund will be approved.


PACT Scores

  • Paper score reports are not sent out.  You will be able to view your score reports through your testing account on the ETS TExES website at

Scores are posted on the score reporting dates listed in the Registration Bulletins and on the website.  Scores are viewable for 90 days.  After that time, you can view your scores through you Educator Profile on the SBEC website at  To access your Educator Profile, log in to SBEC online as a new user.  You will be prompted to create a Username and Password for this account.

  • Your scores will not be assigned to a program.  Your scores will be uploaded into your SBEC Educator Profile so that programs can verify that you passed the content examination(s).


For Additional Information

  • If you have been admitted to an EPP, contact your program for more information
  • If you have not been admitted to an EPP, contact SBEC at 512-936-8400 or TEA at 888-863-5800