How Do I Get Started - Applying For the Post Bac Program

Applications are available in the Sul Ross Department of Education office, MAB 305 or contact Lizet Holguin at (432) 837-8391.  Ms. Brownell will send you an application by email which you will then print out, complete and then mail or fax back.  The application fee is $25 for Sul Ross graduates and $50 for non-Sul Ross graduates. This application fee is relevant only to the Post Bac program and is separate from any fees related to admission to the University in general.   Please return completed applications, transcripts, Code of Ethics signature page, State & Federal Mandated Data Collection Form along with the appropriate fee to the following address:

  • SRSU Department of Education, PBICP, Box C-115, Alpine, TX 79832 or
  • FAX to 432-837-8390 (also mail original with fee to above address).

Make checks payable to Sul Ross State University.  Application fees are non-refundable.   Applications and transcripts are evaluated for the Required Qualifications.  If you are accepted into the program, you will receive written notification that serves as proof that you are enrolled in an alternative certification program, along with a “deficiency plan” that details your requirements for certification.  You should use these documents with your application for teaching positions.   Note:  Students seeking financial aid must provide a copy of the deficiency plan to the Financial Assistance Office.