Athletic Training Licensure

Student may also complete course work and apprenticeship experience to become an athletic trainer. Athletic training concerns all aspects of the athletes’ health and safety. Students in the athletic training program help with the prevention of athletic injuries, provide immediate care and treatment for injured athletes, as well as assist with the rehabilitation of various sports related injuries. The athletic training program is an apprenticeship program that provides required courses and clinical practicum laboratory experience that allows students the opportunity to acquire supervised hours. These hours are required to qualify students for the State of Texas Examination for Licensure. The apprenticeship hours are based on the academic calendar and should be completed during a minimum of five consecutive semesters, Fall/Spring. Academic credits should include at least three semester hours from each of the following areas: 1) human anatomy/human physiology, 2) exercise physiology, 3) health, disease, nutrition, wellness, drug and alcohol education, 4) first aid and CPR, 5) kinesiology, 6) athletic training, 7) advanced athletic training, and 8) therapeutic exercise, therapeutic modalities, or administration of athletic training programs.