Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

Program Choices:

The Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Department is pleased to offer 2 different options for students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies: 

These 2 options allow students to tailor their studies to their individual needs and career goals.  Both options offer some web-based courses and some face-to-face classroom-based courses. Web-based classes offer access worldwide and 24/7.  Classroom-based courses allow for hands-on learning in areas such as criminal investigation, cybercrime, forensic ballistics, etc.

The Degree Options:

The Bachelor of Science in CJ is a general Criminal justice degree with sets of electives catering to interests in policing, corrections, victim services and other areas of Criminal Justice.

The Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security is a specialized degree focusing on aspects of Homeland security ranging from government restructuring through disaster preparedness, terrorism, and crisis management.

How to Choose:

Any degree option is a good choice, however, students should consider their long term career goals and personal interests when making a choice.