Residency Information

Tuition and fees calculated at registration are determined not only by the number of classes a student is taking but also by whether the student is a Texas resident. The university classifies students as resident, non-resident or foreign. A person who has made Texas their permanent home for at least 12 months prior to attending the university is likely to be classified as a Texas resident. However, there are numerous other considerations in determining residency status, including whether a person is a dependent, is on active military duty, is moving temporarily for work-related reasons or is eligible for a waiver.

Determining Residency

When students apply for admission, the university uses information they provide on their ApplyTexas applications to make an initial determination about residency. If the submitted information indicates that the student isn’t a U.S. citizen or permanent resident but that he or she may qualify for residency based on Texas high school graduation, the student will be prompted by the ApplyTexas application to download and submit the Residency Affidavit.

The affidavit is a statement by the student that he or she qualifies for residency. It must be completed, signed, notarized, and submitted to the university in order for the student to be classified as a resident.

Correcting Errors in Classification

Sometimes students submit incorrect information or information that makes it appear as though they are non-residents when they actually do qualify for Texas residency. In such cases, the students must submit additional documents to correct their status.

Students who are incorrectly classified as non-residents can take steps to correct the error by submitting additional information to the university in the form of the Residency Core Questions. In some cases, responses to the questions on the form show that the student meets the requirements for one of the two options available for establishing residency.

  • One option is related to attending school in Texas for a certain period of time before high school graduation.
  • The second option is related to establishing domicile in the state.

Request for Reclassification

Non-resident students must pay non-resident tuition and fees until such time as they can establish Texas residency by establishing a domicile.  Clear and convincing evidence must be presented to the Registrar that the student has maintained a domicile for 12 consequtive months immediately preceding the census date of the term in which reclassification is sought.  A request for reclassification must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation (see page two of the form for acceptable documentation).  Students should not assume they will be eligible for resident tuition or a waiver after their first year living in Texas.