Server Contents

Reference List for Data Stored on the GIS Server

Most of the GIS data that we have can be found on server in a drive designated "gis_data". The directory structure and brief descriptions of the data follow: Ai_student ArcInfo tutorial files Arcatlas Global geographic/environmental data Arcexe80 ArcInfo code -- nothing useful Arcusa: Arcusa_D This directory contains general information on the U.S.; this includes cities, states, rivers, agricultural, population, all 7.5 minute and 2 minute map boundaries, and federal lands. The most useful subdirectory is the USA_2mg (decimal degree data) handymaps: This is a group of shapefiles that are handy for making location maps. It has Brewster and other west Texas counties, Texas, and west Texas major highways. It grows almost every day as we create new, useful subsets. These are mostly extracted from the Arcusa_d files. Bbrsp (data provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife) Bbr: Contains the ESRI Interchange format files for the Big Bend Ranch State Park Utm: Contains all shapefiles for Big Bend Ranch State Park BIBE (data provided by Big Bend National Park) Contains shapefiles for Big Bend National Park. BIBE2 Contains the latest digital version of Maxwell's geology downloaded from the NPS web site. Class contains information for the GIS class lectures/labs. Dem and Dem2 Contains most of the 7.5 minute Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for the west Texas area - indexed by the USGS's numeric index system. Currently, most of these are in *.dem (ASCII) format. A few have been converted to ArcView "grid" files. SDTS versions may still exist on GIS-9, or can be acquired via ftp from the USGS. Doq: bibe_bw: Contains black and white Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle Quarters (DOQQ) for Big Bend National Park. These DOQ's are referenced in UTM NAD83. We now have a more comprehensive regional coverage in both black and white and color/infrared stored on CD. Contact KMU if you want any of these loaded on to the server. Drg This directory contains all Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) files that we possess (all UTM, NAD27). The DRG's are 7.5 minute scale, organized by 1:250,000 sheets. Each directory contains an index and a data subdirectory. Contact KMU if you want these reprojected to NAD83. e_peak: Emory Peak el_paso: El Paso ft_st_e: Fort Stockton, east section ft_st_w: Fort Stockton, west section hobbs: Hobbs marfa: Marfa pecos_e: Pecos, east section pecos_w: Pecos, west section pres_e: Presidio, east section only v_horn_e: Van Horn, east section v_horn_w: Van Horn, west section Esri ESRI tutorial maps Esrid_m1 canada: General shapefiles for provinces, rivers, lakes, and cities. europe: General shapefiles for Europe. Note there are further subdirectories by country, if needed. mexico: General shapefiles for Mexico. southusa: General shapefile for the southern U.S., subdirectoried by state only. usagen: General U.S. shapefiles, including zip codes, places, cities, lakes, rivers, drainage, etc. world: all countries, major rivers, cities, etc for the world. field_camp Information used for field camp is found in this directory, subdirectoried by the project name. Program Files Contains no usable data. Shadow Contains no usable data usa_geol Has general geology for the U.S. Users Contains no usable data. Utilities Contains utility software -- scripts, extensions, conversions work, workspace Contains files in progress, but no student usable data.