Faculty & Advisors by Program

Students are encouraged to see your advisor each semester before registration. Many courses are on a rotation and are NOT offered every semester.  Failure to register for a class when it's offered may result in waiting an extra semester to complete your program.

Undergraduate Education Program

Contact Matthew Marsh for information (432) 837-8199

Matthew Marsh  Advisor (432) 837-8199


Interdisciplinary Studies & Teacher Certification

Contact Matthew Marsh for applications for admission to teacher education, to student teach, and for the state certification tests (432) 837-8199

 Matthew Marsh  Advisor (432) 837-8199


Master of Education and Certification Programs

Counselor Education

Ronda Hayes (432) 837-8170  Program Coordinator


Reading Specialist

Jennifer Miller (432) 837-8013 Program Coordinator



Jeanne Qvarnstrom (432) 837-8395  Program Coordinator


Education-General w/Alternative Teacher Certification

Diana Rodriguez    (432) 837-8433  Program Coordinator


Educational Diagnostician

Lisa Sousa (432) 837-8170 Program Coordinator


Educational Leadership, Principal  

Isela Pena (432) 837-8170  Program Coordinator


Superintendent Certification

Galen Privitt (432) 837-8002 Abilene Cohort Advisor, Superintendent Program Coordinator