Welch Foundation Research Program


The purpose of the SRSU Welch Foundation undergraduate research scholarships is the education and training of students in chemistry through research. The Welch Foundation is one of America’s largest private funding sources for fundamental chemical research at universities, colleges and other educational institutions in Texas. Successful Welch Foundation research students will work with faculty mentors and undertake original chemical research in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical biology, or geochemistry.

Note: Students do not have to be a chemistry major or minor to participate in this program.

When: Summer II for a 5 week period

Funding: Every successful Welch Foundation research student will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship to undertake a research project in chemistry and will be awarded additional funds to purchase chemicals, basic equipment, consumables, and other items necessary to complete their projects. If participating students want to receive course credit (optional) for completing their Welch Foundation chemistry research projects they are welcome to enroll in CHEM 4300 (Chemistry Research) for Summer II.

Eligibility: Current SRSU students with a GPA of 2.50 or better

Application: Please email the completed application form to Dr. David Leaver.

Deadline: April 1


  • Work approximately 40 hours each week on selected research project;
  • Present completed research at the SRSU Undergraduate Research Symposium and/or the Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science &/or American Chemical Society meetings; and
  • Write a formal research report summarizing the research work completed.

About the Welch Foundation
The Welch Foundation, based in Houston, Texas, is one of the nation's largest private funding sources for basic chemical research. Since its founding in 1954, the organization has contributed to the advancement of chemistry through research grants, departmental programs, endowed chairs and other special projects at educational institutions in Texas. The Foundation hosts an annual chemical research conference in Houston that attracts hundreds of the leading chemists and sponsors the Welch Award in Chemistry. The Foundation also bestows the Norman Hackerman Award in Chemical Research, an award that recognizes the work of scientists who are early in their careers and working in Texas.