School Counselor Exam Information

Students will take a licensure or certification practice exam immediately after completion of all didactic coursework and before commencement of practicum and internship fieldwork.
The TExES School Counselor (152) test is designed to assess whether an examinee has the requisite knowledge and skills that an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools must possess. The 100 multiple-choice questions are based on the School Counselor test framework. Questions on this test range from grades EC–12. The test may contain questions that do not count toward the score.
The number of scored questions will not vary; however, the number of questions that are not scored may vary in the actual test. Your final scaled score will be based only on scored questions

The TExES School Counselor exam is part of the certification process for becoming a school counselor in the state of Texas.
• Number of Questions: 100 questions
• Question Type: Multiple-choice
• Time Limit: 5 hours
• Format Computer-administered test (CAT)

TExES School Counselor Exam Breakdown

The Domains

Domain Domain Title Approx. % of Test Standards assessed
I Understanding Students 30% School Counselor I-V
II Planning and Implementing the Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program 40% School Counselor I-V
III Collaboration, Consultation, and Professionalism 30% School Counselor I-VI

The Standards

School Counselor Standard I
Learner-Centered Knowledge-The professional school counselor must have a broad knowledge base.
School Counselor Standard II
Learner-Centered Skills-The professional school counselor applies the knowledge base to promote the educational, personal, social and career development of the learner.
School Counselor Standard III
Learner-Centered Process-The professional school counselor participates in the development, monitoring and evaluation of a developmental school guidance and counseling program that promotes learners’ knowledge, skills, motivation and personal growth.
School Counselor Standard IV
Learner-Centered Equity and Excellence for All Learners-The professional school counselor promotes academic success for all learners by acknowledging, respecting
School Counselor Standard V
Learner-Centered Communications-The professional school counselor, an advocate for all students and the school, demonstrates effective professional and interpersonal communication skills.
School Counselor Standard VI
Learner-Centered Professional Development-The professional school counselor pursues continuous professional development, demonstrating a commitment to learn, to improve the profession and to model professional ethics and personal integrity.

















Domains and Competencies

See detailed Domain description HERE

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