LPC Exam Information

Students will take a licensure or certification practice exam immediately after completion of all didactic coursework and before commencement of practicum and internship fieldwork.

NCE Practice Exam
The National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) is administered and maintained by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), an internationally recognized provider of national counselor certification. It is part of counselor credentialing requirements for candidates seeking certification to practice as a counselor and is intended as a method of assessment to determine whether these candidates have the abilities, knowledge and skills required of them to succeed in the position.

What to Expect
The National Counselor exam is a 200-question, multiple-choice, non-sectioned, computer generated test. On the test, you will be presented with a series of questions created from the original eight Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) content areas and five work behaviors from NBCC’s national job analysis. All of these questions have undergone review and field-testing prior to being included on the examination and a new version of the National Counselors exam is administered for each new test date.

Of the 200 questions you will be asked, 160 are counted for scoring in order to determine whether you achieve a passing grade, with the remaining 40 being unscored field-test items used for statistics to gauge whether they should be used on future versions of the NCE exam.

Questions will be based on the following eight CACREP domains and five work behavior domains.

CACREP Domains

1. Human Growth and Development 5. Career Counseling
2. Social and Cultural Diversity 6. Assessment and Testing
3. Counseling and Helping Relationships 7. Research and Program Evaluation
4. Group Counseling and Group Work 8. Research and Program Evaluation Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice

Work Behavior Domains
1. Research and Program Evaluation Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice
2. Fundamental Counseling Issues
3. Counseling Process
4. Diagnostic and Assessment Services
5. Professional Practice
6. Professional Development, Supervision and Consultation

Eligibility and Registration for the NCE
In order to register to take the National Counselor exam, you must first apply to the Texas Department of Health. Once your application is accepted and approved, you may then proceed to register for the examination at an approved Pearson VUE test center. The NCE exam is administered twice a year, in April and October. Typically, it is held on the third Saturday of the respective months. When you send in your registration, you will be asked to submit an appropriate fee, which can be paid with a credit card. Keep in mind that any application fees are neither refundable nor transferable, so plan your examination date accordingly.

LPC Practice Exam

LPC Exam Registration