Child, Adolescent and School Counselor

Students pursuing the 60-hour master's degree in Child, Adolescent and School Counseling must complete the following:

1. Acknoledge admission within 7 days by signing acknowledgement and register with TEA by contacting the graduation certification office.
2. Must have two (2) credible years of teaching experience as a school teacher before the application for issuance of certification. Students who meet this requirement may substitue EDUC 6320 Marriage and Family Therapy and EDUC 6323 Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction for courses offered. Students not meeting the criteria will be advised to take EDUC 6320 and EDUC 6323 Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction to sit for the LPC exam after graduation.
3. Structured field-based training must be focused on actual school-based experiences, and it will commence during the internship phase. The practicum field experience hours must be acquired at one of the SRSU MRG clinics or other approved site.
4. All Experiential and Fieldwork must be approved before commencing the experiential and practical fieldwork experience.












Foundation Courses (9 hours)

EDUC 5301 Research Methodology
EDUC 5315 Standardized Assessment
EDUC 6308 Principles Advanced Human Growth and Development

Core Courses (24 hours)

EDUC 5313 Career Counseling
EDUC 5314 Personality and Counseling Theories
EDUC 6318 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Counseling
EDUC 6319 Psychopathology (Concurrent with Fieldwork Experience)
EDUC 6333 Ethical, Legal & Professional Issues
EDUC 6340 Bilingual & Bicultural Counseling
EDUC 6344 Mindfulness-Based Approaches
EDUC 7302 Management of Counseling Programs

Specialty Courses (12 hours)

EDUC 6320 Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction Counseling
EDUC 6323 Marriage and Family Counseling
EDUC 6332 Consultation for Professional School Counselors
EDUC 6330 Play Therapy
EDUC 6346 Counseling At-Risk Youth

Experiential Block (9 hours) * Prerequisites EDUC 5314, 6318, 6333

EDUC 6321 Techniques of Counseling I
EDUC 6322 Techniques of Counseling II
EDUC 7315 Group Counseling

Practical Experience (6 hours) * Prerequisites EDUC 6319, 6321, 7315

EDUC 7316 Practicum in Counseling (100 hrs.) All Fieldwork must be completed at an SRSU-RGC clinic.
EDUC 7317 Internship in Counseling (600 hrs.) At least 160 hours of fieldwork MUST be completed at an accredited school and requires approval before commencing fieldwork experience.

Total Hours= 60