Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree provides a broad base of business knowledge, understanding, and skills. Business majors study economics, accounting, marketing, finance, global business, human resources, information systems, and business computer applications. The Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum presents experiential learning exercises and simulations in management, leadership, and creative problem solving. In the BBA program, students are advised to enroll in select business courses the first year. This blending gets the student off to a good start by offering both a career-centered as well as a broad educational perspective. Through five advanced business elective courses, the student may choose to be a business generalist or may select a business field specialty. Business majors will also select 14 sch free electives from other disciplines on campus, discovering new interests and enhancing their knowledge in new ways. Students are happier in a career that combines the solid foundation of this business education with personal interests.

Degree Requirements (120 Hours)

Contact: Dr. William C. Green, BAB 316, 432-837-8066

The Complete Bachelor of Business Administration degree plan can be accessed with the following link: Note: If you are currently a student, you may be on an earlier degree plan and need to check with your advisor.

fall 2019-2020 BBA Degree Plan Aligned w RGC