Grading Policies

At the end of each semester and each summer term final grades are recorded on the student's permanent record in the Center for Enrollment Services.

Grade Grade Meanings Quality Points
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Poor 1
F Failure 0
F0 Failure/Never Attended 0
FX Failure/Stopped Attending 0
I Incomplete Not Computed
CR Credit Not Computed
NC No Credit Not Computed
NG No Grade Not Computed
NR Not Reported Not Computed
P Pass Not Computed
PR Progress Not Computed
W/WX Withdrew Not Computed
WF Withdrew/Failing 0
WP Withdrew/Passing Not Computed

Incomplete Grades
The grade of “I” is given by the instructor upon consultation with the student. The work to be completed and deadline for completion must be communicated to the Registrar in writing. A student may have a maximum of one academic year in which to remove an “I” during which time the “I” will not be calculated in the student's grade point average. If the work is not completed by the deadline set by the instructor, the “I” will be converted to an “F” and will be calculated in the student's grade point average for the semester in which the “I” was given. Normally, an incomplete grade will be awarded only for situations such as illness, family emergencies, or unusual circumstances which prevent a student from completing a course in a semester or summer term. Incomplete grades must be removed prior to graduation.

PR Grades
There are two instances when “PR” grades are used in the grading process: Students who complete any developmental education courses, including ED 0300, ENG 0301, MATH 0300, or MATH 0301 or others, in good standing, but who have not earned a letter grade of “A”, “B” or “C” for the course may earn a grade of “PR” The grade of “PR” indicates that even though the student has made progress throughout the semester the student is not yet ready to advance to the next course. Criteria for determining “good standing” are all of the following: the student must have attended class regularly, participated in class and class work, and demonstrated an increase in course knowledge. Students who are not in good standing at the end of the semester will earn either a grade of “D” or “F”.

The grade of “PR” (in progress) will be assigned for students in the second semester thesis course or practicum courses. Students working on a thesis or practicum should be continuously enrolled in the appropriate course. Credit will be given upon completion of the thesis or practicum. A grade of “PR” will not be calculated in the student’s grade point average.

Withdrew Grades
The grade of “W” or “WX” is given for courses dropped after the 12th/4th class days through the last day to drop a course with a “W” as published in the University's calendar. Students who wait until the published deadline must have complied with the class attendance policy of this catalog. An instructor is not obligated to recommend a “W” for a class if excessive absences have occurred. Students will not be permitted to drop a course or withdraw from the University after the published deadline.

Failing Grades
The grades “F”, “FX”, and “F0” are all failing grades. The “F” is awarded to students that continue to attend classes throughout the semester yet fail to pass the course. The “FX” is awarded to students that fail due to an unofficial withdrawal (student stops attending class without formally dropping or withdrawing). The “F0” is awarded to students that never attend class.

Symbols Associated with Courses and Grades

Symbol Purpose quality points
E Repeated Course Not Computed
I Repeated Course Most Recent Attempt Computed
# Developmental Grade Not Computed

Repeat Policy
Except for courses specifically described, "may be repeated for credit", only the most recent grade received for a repeated course is calculated in the GPA. The original grade will remain on the record but will be excluded from the GPA calculations. Courses repeated at a transfer institution will be treated in the same manner.

Grade Point Average
Sul Ross State University utilizes the four-point grading system. The student's grade point average is determined by dividing the total number of GPA hours into the total number of grade points received. The grade point value for a course is determined by multiplying the number of credit hours by the quality point value for the grade earned. For example, grade points earned for “B” in a three semester credit hour course is 9 (3 credit hours x 3 quality points.) GPA hours are the hours for which a letter grade is earned (A, B, C, D, F), excluding repeated courses and developmental courses. For a more detailed explanation of Grade Point Average, visit Grades.

Grade Changes
An individual course grade may be changed when the involved faculty member certifies to the Registrar that an error was made in the original grade. The grade change must be approved by the department chair and appropriate academic dean. Grade changes must be submitted before the end of the next long semester after the grade was issued.

Grievances Regarding Grades
If a student disagrees with a grade received, the matter should be discussed first with the instructor of the course. If not satisfied with results of that discussion, the matter is then discussed with the Chair of the Department. If not resolved at that point, an appeal must be made to the Dean of the College who will make the final ruling. Any grievance regarding a grade must be filed within one year of receiving the grade.