Travels with Sully


Each year Sully and his friends go on a two week educational international tour in May. Groups have gone to Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, England, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. As you can see, Sully is a very well travel Lobo. 


While Sully really enjoys these trips, his main reason for continuing going each year is the incredible opportunity travel aboard offers his friends to really experience history, as well as their other course work. 

Travel abroad lets you put a concrete picture to ideas and concepts that are often fuzzy thoughts generated by reading about and discussing what is going on in the world. 

As USA Today explains “Two types of journeys occur during travel. The outer journey describes the physical experience of travel: where you went, what you saw and what you did. The inner journey defines your interpretation of the experience. It describes what you learned, and how it changed your perspective on life.”


All you have to do is talk to some of the students who recently traveled with Sully to know that these tours are life changing opportunities to expand your understanding of the world.


   Picture Showcase

Florence, Italy May 2015

Parker Littlejohn (Azie, TX) “Traveling with Sully was one of the best experiences of my life.  Getting to see a different country and the culture that surround it wouldn’t have been possible without the Travels with Sully Program.  It has thoroughly expanded my horizons.”

France May 2015

Aida Porras (Presidio, TX) “Their culture is different, their style of living is different, for example travel really points out how we take out cars for granted.  In Europe they walk, they take the bus, they take the Metro, and they don’t depend on having a car.”  She also pointed out the advantage of traveling with students from other schools, “We become close to each other in the two weeks we spend traveling together.”

Ireland, May 2011

Marisela Baca (BFA 2012, MBA 2015, Presidio, TX) “It is a life changing experience, way more than you could possibly imagine. The food, the people, the culture and even the climate you have to be there you feel it, you taste it, you can’t get that from a picture or a souvenir postcard...”


Gelato shop in Italy, 2010

Lorenzo Barcena (BA 2010, Alpine, TX) Quoted St. Augustine to express his feelings about his international travel experience, “The realization that the world is a book and that those who do not travel read only one page.”