First Year Seminar


The mission of First-Year Seminar is to provide first-year students an opportunity (1) to experience and develop knowledge, behaviors and attitudes that promote successful college study and positive campus participation, and (2) to appreciate multiple perspectives that reflect intellectual and cultural diversity within and beyond college.


The First-Year Seminar is designed to help students develop strategies and skills necessary for a successful college career. Topics include adjusting to college, setting academic goals, managing time and keeping organized, learning and studying in college, preparing for and taking tests, understanding college policies and regulations, and accessing and using SRSU computer technology. Students will learn about SRSU’s resources, activities, and rich cultural diversity. Throughout the course, students will use critical thinking skills to make informed choices, to understand their responsibilities for academic success, and to become independent, motivated learners.

All First-Year Seminars have the same five common goals:

  1. expand and deepen students' understanding of the world and of themselves
  2. enhance their ability to read and think critically
  3. enhance their ability to communicate effectively, in writing, speech, and other appropriate forms
  4. develop the fundamentals of information literacy and library research
  5. provide the opportunity for students to work closely with a faculty mentor

Jenny Penland, Ed.D.
Activity Director/Director of Experiential Learning
Lawrence Hall 307