Computer Information Systems (CIS) Courses

3306 Special Topics (3-0). A course designed for discussion of current issues and trends in computer information systems. May be repeated for credit as topics change


3317 Electronic Commerce (3-0). Focuses on e-commerce from three perspectives: (1) customer-business; (2) business- business; and (3) intra-organization. The Internet, Intranet and Extranets, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic payments systems, tax issues, and global policy will be investigated. Students will create or enhance a web page as part of the course requirements


3320 Information Security and Disaster Recovery (3-0). Focuses on concepts and principles of system and data security. Issues covered include risks and vulnerabilities; policy formulation; controls and protection methods; database security; encryption; authentication technologies; host-based and network-based security issues; and issues of law and privacy. Discussions include firewall design and implementation; secure Internet and Intranet protocols; and techniques for responding to security breaches.


3323 Human and Computer Interaction (3-0). A course designed to introduce the student to the dynamic process of humancomputer interactions. Key elements will focus on user interface, ease of use, speed, comfort level, and software design strategies.


3370 Systems Analysis and Design (3-0). Focuses on the overview of a systems development life cycles. Emphasis is on current system analysis, data flows, data structures, file design, input and output designs and program specifications.