Executive Committee on Enrollment Management and Student Success

Purpose:  The charges of the committee are to develop recommendations regarding processes, policies, strategic plan, and goals pertaining to: Student Recruitment, Recruitment Marketing, Admissions, Scholarships, Enrollment, Orientations, First Year Experience, Academic Advising, Academic Support or Coaching, Retention efforts, and other factors pertaining to student success. The committee provides oversight and communication with executive staff regarding core SEM functions that include: long-term enrollment goal setting, integrated marketing and recruiting strategy development, financial sustainability, securing the approval of strategies through appropriate institutional channels, and ensuring the execution of retention strategies and services that support a seamless student lifecycle.    The Committee is an ongoing advisory body to the President, Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Campus Community.

Members of the committee will serve 3 year terms or serve as ex officio members.


Membership will include:

President, (ex-officio and Chair), Pete Gallego

Vice President for Enrollment Management, (ex officio and Vice Chair), Dr. Lisa Harris

Academic Affairs Representative,  Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Jim Case

Dean Representative, vacant

Finance & Operations Representative, Ms. Corina Ramirez

Information Technology Representative, Mr. David Gibson

Graduate School Representative, Dr. Sharon Hileman

Lobo Den Representative, Ms. Helen Crane

Faculty Representatives, Dr. Christopher Estepp, Dr. Rebecca Schlosser, Mr. Christopher Dobbins

Honors Program Representative, Dr. Kathy Stein

Rio Grande College Representative, Dr. Claudia Wright

Alumni Affairs Representative, Aida Luevanos