Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities


Sul Ross State University Alumni Association
Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Be an active dues-paying member of the Sul Ross Alumni Association.
  1. Promote membership in the Alumni Association.
  1. Actively participate in four Board Meetings annually.  And, prepare for board and committee meetings by reading and understanding materials circulated for review.
  1. Assist in setting short and long term plans and goals for the Alumni Association.
  1. Actively participate in project or program planning and implementation. Serve on one or more committees.
  1. Stay informed about current issues affecting the Association and the University.
  1. Offer feedback as required on proposed revisions to bylaws, policies, programs and procedures.
  1. Identify, cultivate and recruit volunteer leaders for the Association and its Chapters.
  1. Exercise loyalty toward the Association and the University and maintain confidentiality regarding their internal affairs as discussed at board meetings.
  1. Attend at least one Association event such as Homecoming, Distinguished Alumni Awards, etc.
  1. Participate in and help to promote Association and Chapter activities.
  1. Assist professional staff in making connections with suppliers and potential donors who could support events and programs sponsored by the Association.
  1. Serve as an ambassador for the Association and the University.
  1. Communicate the work of the Association to university contacts, as well as external partners and community contacts as appropriate.
  1. Share examples of the achievements, successes and challenges of the University with alumni and personal and professional contacts as appropriate.
  1. Officially represent the Association at University events when asked, if at all possible.
  1. Support the professional staff within the Alumni Relations Office.
  1. Respect the Chain of Command with regard to the Alumni Director’s management of the day-to-day operations of the Association and the Office of Alumni Relations.

July 2016