Master of Science in Homeland Security

2016-2018 Catalog

This program is entirely web based, using Blackboard as its instructional platform

In addition to meeting the university-wide requirements for all Master's degree programs found in this catalog, all students must (1) complete the required core (12 SCH); (2) complete 12 SCH from the set of designated electives; (3) complete 12 SCH of other electives, and (4) successfully complete the comprehensive examination.

Required Core. 12 SCH:

  • CJ 5323         Homeland Security
  • CJ 5327         Graduate Seminar in Homeland Security
  • CJ 5334         Methods of Social Research
  • CJ 5340         Policy Making in CJ

Designated Electives. 12 SCH:

        Choose 12 SCH from the following:

  • CJ 5322 Immigration Issues
  • CJ 5328 Seminar on Transnational Crimes
  • CJ 5329 Seminar in Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • CJ 5330 Emerging Issues in Homeland Security
  • CJ 5336 Seminar on Domestic Terrorism
  • CJ 5337 Seminar on International Terrorism
  • CJ 5360 Seminar in Cybercrime
  • CJ 5361 Seminar in Criminal Profiling
  • CJ 5362 Criminology of Cybercrime
  • CJ 5363 Cybercrime Law and Policy
  • CJ 5364 Seminar in Cyber Warfare
  • CJ 5365 Seminar in Cybercrime Investigation

Other Electives. 12 SCH:

        Students will select 12 SCH of electives from graduate level courses in Criminal Justice (including those not used above) or may select courses in other disciplines with prior approval of the Graduate Coordinator.

Degree Plan

Graduate Degree Plan Homeland Security 2016-2018

Graduate Degree Plan Homeland Security 2014-2016