BS Industrial Technology


The Industrial Technology program is designed to serve several purposes and meet a variety of needs. Among these are: (1) to prepare students for leadership roles and careers in a variety of industries; (2) to prepare students for teaching careers in Technology Education; (3) to provide students majoring in other disciplines an opportunity to supplement and enrich their chosen fields; (4) to provide advanced study and skill enhancement in several specific technological areas of industry; (5) to prepare students for further education in the field of Industrial Technology. The philosophy of the Department of Industrial Technology coincides with and supports the philosophy of the University in providing opportunities for a teaching-learning environment in which the student may acquire the knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary for a professional, technical, and liberal education.

Programs & Courses



Minor in Industrial Technology 

To complete an Industrial Technology minor, students must earn at least 18 semester credit hours of Industrial Technology courses. At least six semester hours of the minor must be at the upper-division level.

Career Opportunities

Industrial Technology courses provide for entry skill level work in industry within the technological areas of manufacturing, construction, communication, power and energy, and transportation. Courses also provide preparation in Supervision/Management and Industrial Training.  Courses can be combined with Education Certification providing for a career in teaching Technology Education in Middle School/Junior High and High School.  When combined with work experience after graduation, students can pursue a career as an instructor in some postsecondary institutions within their specific skill area of experience.

small engine studiessmall engine classIndustrial Technology

  • Skill-level work in:
    • manufacturing
    • construction
    • communication
    • transportation
    • power and energy
  • Industrial Supervisor/Manager
  • Industrial Training
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