Admission Checklist for Freshman

  1. Complete an application for admission. Apply using the Texas Common Application at A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25 is required. Freshman are eligible to receive a fee waiver when they submit the SAT or ACT fee waiver or send proof that they are eligible for, or receive, free or reduced lunches at school. Transfer students are eligible to receive a fee waiver when they submit a copy of their financial aid award letter showing that they received a Pell grant or other need based scholarship within the past year. Fax, email, or mail your fee waiver.
  2. Send your high school transcript. Ask your high school to send your official high school transcript through the latest semester you have completed. For high school seniors, this may be your high school transcript through the end of your junior year or the first semester of your senior year. If you have already graduated from high school, send your final high school transcript with your graduation date.
  3. Send your ACT or SAT test results. Some high schools include SAT/ACT test scores on their transcripts. Check with your counselor. To request SAT scores, go to To request ACT scores, go to
    Admissions Requirements for Students on Recommended Plan/Distinguished Plan/Foundation/Endorsement Plan
    Rank in Class
    Minimum ACT
    Minimum SAT (reading and Math)
    Top Half
    (Top 50%)
    Guaranteed admission: Submit Scores- no minimum score required Guaranteed admission: Submit Scores- no minimum score required
    Third Quarter 20 920 old SAT, or 1040 new SAT (March 2016 to present) 
    Fourth Quarter 20
    920 old SAT, or 1040 new SAT (March 2016 to present)


    *For admission, a high school class rank is required. If your high school does not rank, the Office of  Admissions will assign you a class rank based on the directives of SB 1543. You are encouraged to send us your high school's profile, as well.
    *If you do not meet the requirements listed above, visit with your Admission Counselor to learn about the possibility of being admitted under probation
    *Students graduating on the standard or minimum plan who meet benchmark scores will then be considered for admission based on class ranking and test scores.
    Contact Undergraduate Admissions or call 432-837-8051 for more information.