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Apply online Repeat grade
Change personal information Request to change major/minor
SWTJC Employee Fee and Tuition Form Request for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree Plan-Business, Humanities, Natural & Behavorial Science
Financial Aid Forms Request for a Bachelor's Degree Plan-Education
Fresh Start Request for a Master's Degree Plan-Education
Graduation application Request for tuition rebate
Information release Request to withhold directory information
Meningitis vaccination Texas peace officer exemption application
Military-Called to active duty/deployment Transcript request
Permission to audit a course Tuition and fees
Reclassification of residency status Undergraduate request to enroll in graduate courses


Curriculum Change Request Request to drop for absence
Grade change Request to change major/minor
Faculty Release Time Request for Course Substitution
Request for Grade of "Incomplete" Request Creation of New Course Section or Correction to Existing Course
Undergraduate Degree Plan Revision Checklist Graduate Degree Plan Revision Checklist
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2020 Spring Class Schedule


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