Two-Year Course Rotation - Psychology

Fall 2017 - Spring 2019

Course Number Course Description Fall
PSCH 3301 Social Psychology X   X  
PSCH 3303 Positive Psychology   X    
PSCH 3304 Psychology of Learning       X
PSCH 3306 Child Development X   X  
PSCH 3307 Adult Development   X   X
PSCH 3308 Psychology of Adjustment     X  
PSCH 3309 Educational Psychology       X
PSCH 3310 Survey of Alcoholism/Drug Problems X      
PSCH 3311 Health Psychology   X    
PSCH 3312 Human Sexuality     X  
PSCH 4301 Psychology of Personality   X   X
PSCH 4302 Organizational-Industrial Psychology X   X  
PSCH 4303 Abnormal Psychology X X X X
PSCH 4305 Gerontology X      
PSCH 4308 Theory and Principles of Psych. Testing   X    
PSCH 4310 Special Topics       X
PSCH 4311 Chemical Dependency Counseling        
PSCH 4313 Forensic Psychology   X    
PSCH 4320 Multicultural Psychology     X  
PSCH 4325 Cognitive Psychology       X
PSCH 4330 Research in Psychology X      
PSCH 4335 History of Psychology   X