Graduate Students

Before a student will be admitted to Sul Ross State University, the following items must be on file in the Graduate Student Center. Call the Center, (432) 837-8052, or e-mail for information. In addition to meeting the requirements for graduate admission, international students must file further documentation with the university. See the International Student information for details.

Admissions Checklist for Graduate Students

  1. check markApplication for Admission. Apply using the Texas Common Application at List all previously attended colleges or universities. A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25 is required. The fee is $75 for international students.
  2. Official college/university transcripts from all institutions attended. Previously-attended colleges/universities other than Sul Ross must send official transcripts by mail. An English-language interpretation must accompany transcripts for international students.
  3. Any documentation required by the major department. This documentation may include the GRE, GMAT, GRE Subject Examination, Professional Certifications, etc. Check with the department in which you plan to seek a degree.



Send all required application materials to this address:

Sul Ross State University
Office of Admissions
Box C-2
Alpine, TX 79832


Admission to Graduate Programs

There are two levels of admission to a master's program: full and probationary. Approval of the major department is required for admission at either level. The following criteria will be used in determining eligibility for admission to the appropriate level.

Full Admission

Full admission may be granted to an applicant who:

  1. Has 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale calculated on the last 60 hours prior to the issuance of the bachelor's degree and a GRE score of at least 290 (verbal and quantitative) or a minimum GMAT score of 400       OR
  2. Graduates with a bachelor's degree with a 3.0 or higher GPA       OR
  3. Holds a master's degree from an accredited college or university and has the approval of the department in which they propose to work.

Probationary Admission

Probationary admission may be granted with the approval of the major academic department if a student has submitted transcripts of baccalaureate work and GRE or GMAT scores, as well as having satisfied at least one of the requirements for full admission. The probationary student must satisfy all conditions which are required by the major department and must maintain 3.0 GPA on all courses attempted for graduate credit. Upon the completion of 12 semester credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher, the student may be admitted to full admission status upon the recommendation of the chair of the major department and with the approval of the dean/director of the school or division. Probationary status also may be granted to any student who has not submitted GRE or GMAT scores. The GRE or GMAT must be taken prior to the end of the first long semester.

Leveling Work

"Leveling" work, undergraduate courses taken to remove deficiencies in the student's field of study, will not be counted in the graduate-level grade point average, but the student is expected to exhibit the same proficiency in this area as in the graduate-level courses. Unless specifically stated elsewhere in the Sul Ross catalog in reference to particular programs or degrees, all course work taken for graduate credit, with the exception of out-of-date courses, will be counted in computing the grade point average. Any change in the approved plan will be permitted only on the basis of reasonable cause.

Graduate Admissions Off Campus Locations- Rio Grande, Eagle Pass, Uvalde, and De Rio

Mailing Address:

Sul Ross State University
Enrollment Services
Box C-2
Alpine, TX 79832