Web Course Information


  1. After registering for a web course, you will need to activate your Sul Ross State University e-mail account. This is true even if you have another personal internet service provider and e-mail account. If you already have a Sul Ross account, there is no need to obtain another.
  2. To obtain your RGC account and password, contact our Office of Information Technology Help Desk: on campus call 8888 or off campus call 1-432-837-8888. Online at https://techassist.sulross.edu.
  3. All online (web, Internet) courses are taught using the Blackboard administration software. To begin a web course, go to Blackboard at http://bbsrsu.sulross.edu. At the opening Blackboard page, enter your login and password. The login name and password is the same as your RGC e-mail.
  4. Click on the course for which you are registered and follow your instructor's directions.

Please be aware that you will have to take all exams in person; they will not be given online. This will involve travel for some students. Contact your instructor for the date and location of the exams. Note that you can log on to our Blackboard web site using any Internet Service Provider. You may have a home provider such as AOL or Hillconet, Delrio.com or any of the others. Nevertheless, you will still need your Sul Ross login and password in order to access your course.