Admission as a Non-Degree Student

(citizens of the United States)

Students who are not pursuing a degree, but who are interested in graduate work for professional or personal reasons may be admitted as a non-degree student provided they present the following:

Application for admission

An official transcript with a baccalaureate degree posted from an accredited institution.

Approval of the Department Chair in the department where course work will be undertaken. Students who decide to apply for a change of status to pursue master’s degree work must meet the requirements for admission to a degree program as stated in “Graduate Admissions” section of this policy. The change of status must be approved by the Chair of the major department and the Dean. Students should be aware that, in transferring from non-degree seeking status, that at the discretion of the accepting department, no more than 12 semester hours earned prior to admission to degree seeking status can be used to meet the degree requirements of the program.