Nature and Purpose of Graduate Work

Graduate study provides an opportunity for strengthening the academic and professional competence of students with superior ability. It is assumed that the student has a background of knowledge, preparation and skills necessary to carry on independent research and personal development with a high degree of self-direction and enthusiasm. Graduate study should inspire independence of thought and originality in the search for knowledge and truth. Such study demands a great deal of discipline. The graduate program is committed to the following aims:

  • To broaden students' perspective in order that they may render greater service and increase their satisfaction in living;
  • To deepen their knowledge of their own specialization;
  • To improve their use of the tools of learning so that they may be able to address problems of further preparation independently;
  • To promote the critical and analytical approach to examinations of subject matter and professional performance;
  • To encourage the inquiring mind and the application of intellectual curiosity to research problems;
  • To provide continuing support in lifetime educational goals beyond the master's degree.

A course for graduate students only (numbered 5000 or above) is a highly advanced and specialized course, demanding much on the part of both students and instructors. Emphasis is usually placed on critical analysis and research. Graduate courses are conducted in various ways: as advanced lecture courses, as seminars, as independent study or reading courses, and as research projects.