Master of Education in General Education with Bilingual Specialization

Core Requirements (12 hours)

            EDUC  5301     Research Methodology

            EDUC  5316     The Multicultural Learner

            EDUC  6308     Advanced Human Growth & Development

            EDUC  6315     Curriculum Theory and Development


Education Component (9 hours)

            EDUC  5308     Elementary Reading

            EDUC  5315     Standardized Assessment

            EDUC  5319     School Law


Specialization (15 hours)

            EDUC  5328      Bilingual Education:  Principles and Curriculum

            EDUC  5329      Methodology of Second Language Teaching

            EDUC  6311      Advanced Studies of Early Childhood Language Acquisition and Development

            EDUC  6328      Methodology in Reading/Language Arts in Bilingual Education

            EDUC  6329      Methodology in Content Area Instruction in Bilingual Education