Social Science Program

Students who desire a broad field major in the social sciences should follow one of the plans for a major in social science listed below. Inquiries should be directed to the Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts.

Bachelor of Arts, Social Science Major

Courses Hours
Texas Core Curriculum  
English 1301,1302 6 sch
Mathematics - MATH 1314 (College Algebra or higher) 3 sch
Life and Physical Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology 6-8 sch
Language, Philosophy and Culture 3 sch
Creative Arts 3 sch
American History (HIST 1301, HIST 1302) 6 sch
Government/Political Science (PS 2305, PS 2306) 6 sch
Social and Behavioral Sciences - Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology 3 sch
Component Area Option 6 sch
Total 42 sch
University Requirements   
Literature Course 3 sch
Foreign Language 6-8 sch
Multicultural Requirement 3 sch
Total 12-14 sch
Major in Social Science - History, Political Science, Geography, Economics  
History 21 sch
Political Science 15 sch
Geography 9 sch
Economics 6 sch
Social Science 6 sch
Total 57 sch
Electives 7-9
Grand Total 120 sch