Lawrence Hall and Cactus Garden

Lawrence Hall
Building Code: LH

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Probably the most impressive entrance to the campus, entrance No. 2 off State Highway 90 is dominated by Lawrence Hall, named after Lawrence Sullivan Ross.

The beauty of the Sul Ross campus reaches a peak at the front entrance of this building. The centerpiece of this beauty spot is the Cactus Garden Laboratory in front, freshly planted with native desert plants.

The front sidewalk between the Cactus Garden and the building is bordered with engraved paving stones which were purchased by and bear the names of the many individuals and organizations who contributed to funding for the Museum of the Big Bend, which was located in Lawrence Hall before moving to the McCoy Building.

The retaining wall in front of the garden is accented with a carved stone sign with the university's name, bordered on each end with carved stones bearing the university's registered brand, the Bar-SR-Bar.

Renovated and reopened for classes in the spring semester of 1996, the building houses the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department. Renovations included a raising of the roof by a couple of feet in order to accommodate two-tiered classrooms, one at each end of the third floor.

Equipped with Campus Cable TV, which can bring in satellite broadcasts, monitors, video projectors, VCRs and laser disc players, every classroom and conference room has its own AV media equipment built in. Computer network wiring was also installed during the renovation.

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