Information for New Residents

Things to Bring with You

For a list of what to bring, and what not to bring, please click here.

Please coordinate with your roommate and discuss which items they are bringing for the shared bathroom and living room areas. This will prevent duplicate items (e.g. vacuums, TVs, game systems, etc) from taking up space.


Critical information for new students

  • Be sure to submit your proof of meningitis vaccination before moving into housing. More information can be found here.

  • The only animals allowed in housing are approved service animals, approved comfort animals and fish in a 10 gallon tank.

  • We will have mandatory meetings for all residents the first or second week of class.  Necessary information will be presented at these meetings.  You will be held responsible for knowing the information disseminated at this meeting. If you do not attend one of these meetings a $50 fine will be added to your account and you will still be held responsible for all of this information. Please check your SRSU email for more information.

  • Please complete your housing application and sign your contract online before move-in day for an expedited experience.

  • If you’ve chosen not to attend Sul Ross, please contact us immediately so we can withdraw you from housing.

Where do I go to move in for Spring 2020?

Move-in information and procedures are still being created due to COVID-19.  You will be receiving updated information in your student email account.

How do I get to my building?

The road in front of the main housing office is now closed. Please take the following routes to the these parking lots:

Lobo Village 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Enter through Entrance 4 (E4) on the campus map. You may park in the lot behind Lobo Village 2-7.

Lobo Village 1 and Fletcher

Please enter through Entrance 1 or 2 (E1 or E2) on the campus map. You may park in the lot south of Lobo Village 1 that is bordered by Pete P. Gallego Center. 

When do we get our housing assignments?

You can check your assignment status by logging onto your housing account by going through the housing application linkPlease remember to keep your contact information current with Residential Living. Your housing assignment will include the following: building & room assignment, roommate name, email of your roommate, the move-in date and other relevant information.

What does your assignment mean?

Your room number indicates which building and room number you are assigned. For instance, if your room assignment says  “1-110” this  means you are in Lobo Village 1, room 110. Fletcher is designated with an “F” and Lobo Village 2 with “2”. You can always check your assignment status by logging onto your housing account by going through the housing application link

Over Assignment (aka "triples") Status-Fall semester only

Over assignments have a “C” room designation. If your room number has a “C” designation (e.g. 1-110C) then you are in a triple assignment. Residents that are over assigned will be in the “B” bedroom with another person for a total of 3 people per unit. All 3 students will be financially compensated for the inconvenience. Please see our compensation plan for more information.  Students that are over assigned will have 24 hours to relocate once a new space becomes available. While we try to make every effort to accommodate our students' wishes, students in over assigned status do not have a choice of building, room number and roommate when they are reassigned to a permanent assignment. 

How do I pay for housing?

Please see our Payment Information page for details.

Is there wireless internet in Lobo Village?

Yes! Please see our wireless internet FAQ page for more information. Wireless routers are not needed or allowed, so please leave those at home.

How do I request a roommate?

Please see our Application FAQ page for instructions on requesting a roommate using our online system. There is no guarantee that you will get your request, especially if your application is completed late. After May 1st we will not be accepting any roommate requests until after the first day of school. 

How do I submit a room or roommate change request?

Please see our Application FAQ page. All change requests must be submitted before February 10th. While we may not be able to honor all requests, we make every reasonable attempt to do so. After the above listed dates, no roommate or room change requests will be accepted.  

Tips for Moving-In

Be safe! Remember that Alpine is at a higher elevation (~4,500 feet), and the air may be thinner than that which you are accustomed. Take your time moving in, drink water, and be sure to take frequent breaks. Some other tips include:

  • Pack in small boxes. While larger boxes allow you to pack a lot of personal belongings, they are frequently too heavy to move safely and effectively.
  • Leave extras behind (mementos, piano, antiques, etc.). Please remember that everything you move in has to be moved back out.
  • Bring a dolly or hand truck. This makes the move-in process faster and easier.
  • Elevators can have a long wait-try the stairs to bring boxes up faster.
  • The hotest part of a day is between noon and 2pm. Take that time to get lunch, cool off, and unpack.
  • There will be a long line at 9am Friday morning. Avoid the line and check in later. Typically, lunchtime and later in the afternoon are usually not busy and check-in is a much faster process.
  • Take your time! There is not a rush-your room will be there for you as long as you check in by the first day of school.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact our office at (432)-837-8190 or