Undergraduate Courses in Business


ACCT 3303 Intermediate Accounting I (3-0)This course will include explanations of basic accounting functions and theory, a review of the accounting process, financial statements, the concept of present value and the various ways of handling assets and liabilities. Prerequisite: ACCT 2401, ACCT 2402 (SWTJC)

ACCT 3312 Accounting Systems (3-0)
A study of the methods and devices used to process accounting information. Topics covered are accounting forms and records, computers and reports to management. Prerequisite: ACCT 3303

ACCT 4308 Managerial Accounting (3-0)
The study of cost accounting fundamentals; the purpose of cost accounting, primarily product costing and planning and control; various methods of attaining these goals, such as job order costing, process costing, budgeting, standard costs, profit-cost volume relationships, analysis of variances, contribution approach, relevant costs and inventory control. Prerequisite: ACCT 3303

ACCT 4330 Individual Income Taxation (3-0)
Principles of income taxation with emphasis on basic individual deductions, exemptions and losses. Prerequisite: ACCT 3303

Business Law

BLAW 3310 Business Law (3-0)
A study of the legal aspects of business transactions with emphasis on the law of contracts, agency, bailments and commercial paper.


ECON 3301 Intermediate Economics (3-0)A Macro-Micro survey that examines supply, demand and price theory, including aggregated demand, aggregate supply, macroeconomic instability, unemployment and inflation. Fiscal and monetary policy, money and banking taxes, deficits and the national debt are also examined. Includes a survey of contemporary microeconomic problems and includes consumer behavior, elasticity, production and costs, and a thorough examination of market structures and pricing and production policies.

ECON 4304 International Economics (3-0)Trade among nations, trends in United States exports and imports, foreign exchange and balance of payments and economic aid to foreign countries are covered.

ECON 4305 Advanced Readings and Research in Economics (3-0)Selected topics in economics to be offered as a seminar in individual study to meet student needs. May be repeated once for credit with departmental approval.

ECON 4306 Comparative Economics (3-0)A comprehensive study of the organization, operation and performance of selected economic systems, economic issues and alternative economic policies among different countries.


FINA 3302 Corporation Finance (3-0)
Studies business, government and consumer financing; commercial paper, money, security markets; financial news and investor field with special emphasis on capital budgeting, cost of capital and working capital management. Prerequisite: ACCT 2401 (SWTJC)

FINA 4303 Investments (3-0)
Major attention to such matters as outstanding sources of information for investors; planning an investment program; selection of securities, growth stocks; characteristics of and outlook for principal types of stocks and bonds; investment companies; evaluator method. Prerequisite: FINA 3302

FINA 4323 Management of Financial Institutions (3-0)
Overview of the financial system of the United States with special emphasis on the nature and management of financial intermediaries. Attention is also given to the legal environment of the financial sector as well as to effects of legislative changes on the structures of these markets. Prerequisite: FINA 3302

General Business

GBUS 4305 Business and Society (3-0)
A study of the major laws and social issues affecting business policy and practice.

GBUS 4314 Management of Small Business Enterprise (3-0)
A problem course involving the application of principles of management to small-scale enterprise situations, emphasizing the practical aspects of management. Each student will analyze a problem in a going concern and prepare a written report. Prerequisite: FINA 3302, ACCT 3303

GBUS 4315 Advanced Readings and Research in Business Administration (3-0)Selected topics in business administration to be offered as a seminar in individual study to meet student needs. May be repeated once for credit with departmental approval.

International Business

IBUS 4306 International Business (3-0)Theories and mechanics of international business. Studies the changing political, social, economic and technical environment of international business. Cases and issues in international business.

IBUS 4345 International Management(3-0)
The course develops in students basic skills required for the formulation and implementation of business operations in a global environment. Managing processes in multinational corporations is emphasized, with a detailed discussion on how basic managerial functions should be implemented in global context. The course is a cross-cut through organizational design and management theory, settling those problems in international setting and showing the process of strategy crafting in global problems in international setting and showing the process of strategy crafting in global companies.

IBUS 4348 International Marketing: Marketing in Mexico (3-0)
Marketing strategies are especially sensitive to language and culture. This course will focus on the challenges and opportunities for marketing in Mexico, as well as discussing the legal constraints, distribution systems and promotion methods available to marketers in Mexico.


MGMT 3306 Principles of Management (3-0). Introduction to basic management philosophy and decision-making processes; study of principles involved in the functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

MGMT 4313 Operations Management (3-0).This course is designed to help students in understanding the effective management of the transformation process occurring in modern corporations. Selections of topics includes total quality management, new manufacturing modes, business forecasting and its applications and some quantitative techniques for managing ongoing business operations. This course will focus on up-to-date developments in managing coprorations' processes and operations. Prerequisite: QMTS 4311

MGMT 4314 Management of Small Business Enterprise (3-0). A problem course involving the application of principles of management to small-scale enterprise situations, emphasizing the practical aspects of management. Each student will analyze a problem in a going concern and prepare a written report. Prerequisite: FINA 3302, ACCT 3303

MGMT 4317 Strategic Management (3-0). A capstone course involving the integration of all functional business areas. Emphasis on management decision making as it pertains to planning, implementing and evaluating organizational strategy. Prerequisite: FINA 3302, ACCT 3303, MGMT 3306, MKTG 3307 and senior status.

MGMT 4318 Human Resource Management (3-0). To provide working concepts of professional human resource management. This course reviews basic motivation theory, interpersonal relationships and group dynamics as they apply to managing efforts to obtain personal and organizational goals. Objectives of the course include: developing greater student insight into personal leadership style; deeper appreciation for the complexities of personnel administration; and enlarged awareness of the effective utilization of human resource management. Prerequisite: MGMT 3306

MGMT 4320 Business Dynamics Modeling and Simulation (3-0). Effective decision making in a world of growing dynamic complexity requires students to become systems thinkers -- to expand the boundaries of their mental models and develop tools to understand how the structure of complex business structures creates their behavior. The course introduces students to systems modeling of complex business policy/strategy problems. Systems dynamics is a perspective and set of conceptual tools enabling us to understand complex problems as well as rigorous modeling methods for building formal computer simulations of complex systems and to use them to design more effective policies and organizations. The course teaches students how to construct business problems models that can be tested and solved in the computer environment.

MGMT 4321 Organizational Behavior (3-0). A study of individual and group dynamics applying the principles of industrial and social psychology in the commercial and industrial setting. Areas intensively examined are individual and group value systems, tensions, conflict, pressures and motivation sensitivity. Prerequisite: MGMT 3306

MGMT 4322 Management Communication (3-0). The application of communication models and principals to management areas of concern such as leadership, coordination, control and labor negotiations.

MGMT 4340 Logistics Management (3-0). The course enables students to understand corporations' supply chain management, integrated management of the sequential flow of materials from vendors to ultimate customers requires the knowledge of modern supply structures as well as ability to solve corresponding problems. Students learn basic managerial decisions (warehousing material handling inventory management) and use quantitative methods for optimizing required decisions.

Management Information Systems

MISY 3310 Management Information Systems (3-0). A framework for the understanding of the role of management information systems in organizations. The course includes related terminology and concepts, organizational information requirements and database and systems development principles. The objective is to prepare students to understand, evaluate and appreciate the role of management information systems in today's business world, primarily from an end-user managerial perspective.

MISY 3320 Systems Analysis (3-0). Overview of the system development life cycle. Emphasis is on current system documentation flows, data flows, data structures, file designs, input and output designs and program specifications. Discussion of information gathering and reporting activities and of the transition from analysis to design.

MISY 3350 Advanced Programming (3-0). Business application program development, including requirement analysis, design, implementation and testing. Structured and object-oriented concepts are used to develop solutions to business problems, using advanced programming language.

MISY 3360 Business Data Communication Systems (3-0). Characteristics of contemporary business data communication components, their configurations and their impact on management information systems design. Topics include designing, managing, securing and implementing business data communication networks and their integration into management information systems. Exercises and assignments will use various data communication facilities.

MISY 3370 Database Systems (3-0). An introduction to the design and implementation of database systems, including the logical structure and physical organization of databases. The course will explore database management systems and applications, including querying, data compression and distributed databases.

MISY 4310 Information Resource Management (3-0). A course providing a broad overview of the information resource management function. The course emphasizes information systems management, with particular attention on planning, organizing and controlling user services, managing the computer information systems development process and the fundamentals of EDP auditing.

MISY 4350 Electronic Commerce (3-0). Focuses on e-commerce from three perspectives: customer-business; business-business; and intra-organization. The Internet, Intranet and Extranets, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic payment systems, tax issues and global policy will be investigated. Students will create or enhance a web page as part of the course requirements.

MISY 4370 Special Topics in Management Information Systems (3-0). The study of advanced concepts and techniques of management information systems. Content will vary according to the needs and interests of the students, and according to the latest state-of-the-art in computing.


MKTG 3307 Principles of Marketing (3-0). Studies the place of marketing in our economic structure; the present marketing structures and the formulating by management of marketing policies and procedures aimed at satisfying consumer needs.

MKTG 3317 Promotion (3-0). Persuasive communication in marketing; elements of persuasion including personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, indirect promotion; management and coordination of the promotion program. Prerequisite: MKTG 3307

MKTG 3318 Consumer Behavior (3-0). Consumer application of fundamental processes of motivation, perception and learning; nature and influence of individual predisposition; group influences; consumer decision process. Prerequisite: MKTG 3301

MKTG 3319 Marketing Research (3-0). Emphasis on the techniques of marketing research, research design, questionnaire design, collection analysis and interpretation of the data and the preparation of the research. Prerequisite: MKTG 3307, QMTS 4311

Quantitative Management Systems

QMTS 4311 Business Statistics (3-0). A study of data, tabular and graphic presentation of data, averages, dispersion, probability and statistical inference as related to business. Prerequisite: MATH 1314, 1324 (SWTJC Courses)