Master in Business Administration Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does it take to get a degree?

As outlined in the university catalog, the basic requirements for the degree are the successful completion of 12 courses (seven are core requirements and five are electives) and a master's oral exam. All graduate courses are numbered in the 5000 series; there is no thesis option for the MBA.

2. What if I do not have an undergraduate degree in business administration?

"Leveling" coursework is required of all students who have non-business undergraduate degrees. Leveling "may" be required in accounting, economics, finance, statistics, management and marketing. Any required leveling is in addition to the normal 12 courses.

The student should contact an advisor and complete a degree plan to determine precise leveling requirements. Depending on the student's academic background, leveling is rarely required in all of these areas. For example, students with degrees in the sciences usually will have taken some statistics and/or management.

The most common areas for leveling are generally accounting, economics and finance. The leveling should be done before taking graduate courses in the leveling area. For example, the leveling in accounting should be completed before taking ACCT 5307. These leveling courses may be taken from either Southwest Texas Junior College or from Sul Ross State University as follows:


  • Intermediate Accounting ACCT 3303 (SRSU) OR
  • Principles of Accounting I & II ACCT 2401 & 2402 SWTJC)


  • Intermediate Economics ECON 3301 (SRSU) OR
  • Principles of Economics I & II ECON 2301 & 2302 (SWTJC)


  • Corporation Finance FINA 3302 (SRSU)


  • Business Statistics QMTS 4311 (SRSU)

3. What is the purpose of a degree plan and when should I get one?

A degree plan is primarily to inform the student about which leveling courses will be required and which graduate courses taken at other universities will be accepted for transfer credit (a maximum of 12 hours or four courses). If a student has a non-business undergraduate degree or wishes to obtain graduate credit for courses already completed at other universities, they should apply for a degree plan as soon as they enroll. Applications are available from the the university's secretaries.

4. What do I need before I start taking classes?

All students should complete an application for admission to the graduate school. Transcripts and scores on the GRE or GMAT will be required. The GRE/GMAT must be taken before or during your first semester of enrollment.

5. How long will it take to complete the degree?

A student who takes two graduate courses each semester (fall, spring, summer I & II) would complete 12 courses in two full years. Many students will take up to three courses during the fall and spring terms, and therefore it is possible to finish in less than two years.

Generally, three course will be offered in Del Rio, three in Uvalde and two in Eagle Pass each semester. If a student needs one particular course in one particular semester, they can travel to a neighboring city. All courses are taught at night or on the weekends.

6. Is there an order in which I should take courses?

Students should review the course catalog to determine any course prerequisites. In general, the core courses should be taken first.