Graduate Courses in Business Administration


ACCT 5307 Accounting for Management (3-0)
Careful study of accounting as related to problems of making business decisions. Readings, cases and problems dealing with accounting concepts; budgeting and cost control, use of accounting data in planning operation and policy formulation. (Core Course)

ACCT 5310 Taxation Business Enterprise: Seminar in Taxation (3-0)
An investigation and analysis of a variety of taxes and their impact on strategic business decisions. The tax implication of alternate business forms such as corporations or partnerships are examined in detail.


ECON 5301 History of Economic Thought (3-0)A survey of economic thought and economic thinkers from medieval times to the present day. Emphasis is placed on pre-classical, classical, Keynesian and 20th-century paradigms.

ECON 5302 Seminar in Economic Affairs (3-0)
Selected topics in economics appropriate to graduate study and may include free-enterprise economics; global economics; economics of social issues and development of economic thought.

ECON 5303 Managerial Economics (3-0)Economic analysis in forming business policies relative to profits, market demand, cost measurement and control price policy and capital budgeting. (Core course)


FINA 5306 Seminar in Financial Management (3-0)
Scope and objective of financial management in the modern corporation; nature and mathematical formulation underlying relationship in financial decision-making. Systematic theories of capital budgeting, cost of capital, investment decisions, financing decisions. Problems of long-range planning, control and corporate growth. Class solution of selected cases.(Core Course)

FINA 5320 Personal Finance (3-0)
An introductory course examining various aspects of budgeting, investment, insurance and retirement planning. An in-depth study of pricing and selection strategies in relation to securities markets.

General Business

GBUS 5301 Business Research and Reporting (3-0)
Designed to aid graduate students in analyzing reports and evaluating research and in planning research reports. Selection of research problems, sources of data, analysis, presentation and report-writing are investigated. (Core Course)

GBUS 5302 Readings and Cases in Business Administration (3-0)
Covers one or more special fields. Separate sections for accounting, finance, marketing quantitative analysis, risk management, industrial management, personnel and industrial relations and other fields are dealt with as needed. May be repeated when content varies.

GBUS 5312 Management Policy (3-0)
A comprehensive examination of managing with a strategic focus utilizing the tools and techniques of strategic analysis as they affect both strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

International Business

IBUS 5313 Global Management (3-0)
The course establishes the economic and organizational context in which corporate strategic decisions take place. This course extends the discussion internationally, by considering the essential differences between domestic and international competition; fundamental European, U.S. and Japanese principles of formulating strategy; and the growing reliance on global strategic alliances. New forms of doing business internationally are discussed, emphasizing the process of building new foundations for acquiring competitive advantage on global scale. In particular, mechanisms leading to the creation of an information and knowledge based global company are shown and examined.

IBUS 5315 International Business (3-0)
A study of the international aspects of business functions including planning in a global setting, organizing for operations, international staffing and control as well as the international cultural environment of management.


MGMT 5303 Management Policy (3-0)An examination of the task of managing with a strategic focus utilizing the tools and techniques of strategic analysis as they affect both strategy formulation and implementation.

MGMT 5304 Seminar in Management (3-0)
Careful study of the management process of planning, organizing, controlling, etc., based on extensive reading and case problem analysis. (Core Course)

MGMT 5314 Methods in Operations Management (3-0)
Systems and specialized models in the management of production facilities and applications including Total Quality Management (TQM) and Just-In-Time (JIT) systems.


MKTG 5305 Seminar in Marketing (3-0)
Analysis of policy formulation by marketing management with special emphasis on the influence of marketing institution, market structure, governmental regulation and fluctuation population and national income. (Core Course)

Quantitative Management Systems

QMTS 5309 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Theory for Business (3-0)
A study of the techniques and application of quantitative tools and theories useful for analyzing problems and making decisions; emphasis on applications of liner programming. (core Course)